Banning Light BULBS ??

Not just light bulbs, but Incandescent ones. So, this post is about Canada banning incandescent light bulbs by 2012 . Interesting, why don't they think of these ideas here in the U.S.? or China (who are the largest contributors of harmful emissions). They say that switching to more efficient lighting is one of the easiest & effective ways to reduce energy & harmful emissions & would reduce the harmful gas by more than 6 million tons per year. Home Decor might look different but its a great Idea!


  1. banning incandescent bulbs are a step in the right direction but let's just hope that we're not lazy and just drop the dead bulbs in our trash bags instead of dropping them off the flourecent bulbs at the recycling plants.

    mercury in our soils and air can do more harm than keeping incandescent bulbs in our lamps.

  2. totally agree Jennifer, thanks for that comment....i bet lots of people may not know that. :)

  3. It would be incredible if a large company, say Walmart, took the initiative and did a bulb swap in order to help push the idea, then also did the proper disposal of the ones collected. I bet with that kind of quantity, they could recuperate a lot of the cost directly and benefit from the goodwill as well.

    On those notes and along the note of your post, there was a report on Discovery Channel about the 2 test Walmart sites and the changes they made to the stores to conserve energy and reduce the footprint - really neat stuff, particularly the ventilation using washable fabric.

  4. Thanks for your post Mat, its right on with what i beleive.

  5. Great to see that there is support out there for CFLs, they reduce your average electricity bill by 14% and reduce 38kg of Co2 / year.

    As pointed out in the post its just a shame they are not being widely used in the USA, where the national usage rate is about 6%.

    For more on recycling and how they help the environment visit;

    Energy Saver


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