1. Woah...Jennifer,

    What a cool blog you have! And what a coincidence this is, because two days ago I discovered this blog:


    It's about interior decoration / furniture.
    Just like yours! Well, kind of.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I like your work. And I think it's very sweet of you, you're giving a percentage of your profit away to different foundations! Good job!

  2. WOW, the beatles drum piece used as a livingroom decorative piece is really nice. Maybe I'll figure to do something like that when I redecorate my living area. Nice ideas! I'm inspired right now.

  3. ORANGE! I see an orange wall and I love it!
    My last apartment, I painted a very similar shade in my livingroom!
    Got to LOVE those drums too!

  4. Hey Jack, Your totally welcome....thanks for dropping by and yes I've seen the blog you are talking about. i think we are linked up.


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