New York, New York

I was raised in NYC & I love it so much there! Unfortunately, I moved because the price of living was excessive and at the time I couldn't afford to buy real estate. But the first chance I get I'll purchase my own townhome. That is what I dream about. This company Rosenberg Kolb Architects works right out of East 9th street (Lower East side). They specialize in a variety of projects from Hospitality to office interiors. Here are some of the residential projects they created. Makes me want to work that much harder. Such inspiration!



  1. soooo in love with nyc and those black doors on the townhomes. Thats a popular thing out there. I was considering painting my door a dark color here at home in vegas. Love it!

  2. I am now standing (in my mind of course) in the foyer to my home, just loving that black fanciful banister. Okay, I am dreaming of owning that home....But, maybe One day, right? Your blog is gorgeous.

  3. i love it.
    i too dream of owning a home in NY - these townhomes are stunning. I love the mirror in the last photo.

  4. I just LOVE that staircase. The room needs no other embellishment!

  5. I love the front of this house.

  6. Wow!
    Gotta love New York!
    I always watch those decorating shows with teeny NYC apartments that cost a million dollars!
    I think if I ever won a lottery, I'd buy a loft in Soho or Tribeca.

  7. Nyc is so amazing and for anyone who hasn't been , must visit. You can walk blocks and blocks and not run out of shops or restaurants to go to. Quite nice. AND that black door is great! I will definately be painting my front door that color. Unfortunately, i have to request permission from the county due to HOA might take a bit. Maybe if i'm feeling rebellious i'll just chance it.
    Ha! Thanks to all you ladies for commenting.

  8. Such inspirational images!


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