Out of London, Target Living

I've known of Target Living for awhile now and have admired there work so much. I admit they have a distinct style and thats what I love about them. This interior architecture & design consultancy in London, was established in 2002 by designers Tara Bernerd & Thomas Griem. Not for anything, but I'm finding that European designers have quite an edge and distinct taste in furniture. Target Living has quite a creative flair as you can see in these photos, with their use of the british flag & the Monroe pieces. I absolutely adore the job they do.



  1. love this site!! How did you paste the slide show pictures?

  2. Hi Emily, welcome.
    I pasted the pics by pressing down the keys alt and print screen at the same time, opening photoshop and the pasting them into a new document. Hope that helps. Glad you like the site. AND thx for adding my tables on your blog. :)
    Jennifer Ramos

  3. the kitchen is so nice! I can't imagine what it would be like to live in an old bank that was renovated. That is impressive stuff.



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