Banksy from UK

Ok, I ran across this site while looking for stencils and I had to post it. The use of stencils is quite impressive from this controversial UK graffiti artsit Banksy. His work is pretty out there and some people may just be offended with the images. I love stencils. They used some on the elephant for this piece to make her blend in with the wallpaper. Artistically they did a nice job, but no worries the elephant wasn't harmed. The paint was organic and vegetable based. The point of this particular exhibit was a statement on poverty. The flyers they handed to the many guests read "There's an elephant in the room, there's a problem that we never talk about". Now that's interesting.


  1. i heard about this guy, quite impressive.

  2. I love Banksy. He did a load of street art in Newcastle my home town and had an exhibition at The Baltic. His work is wonderful.

  3. when i saw this my first thought was moulin rouge - i think it's fab!

  4. I'd never heard of him before this. Hes an interesting character and his art is so creative. I don't think theres anything wrong with controversy, especially if it raises issues that are just being ignored.
    Thanks for your comments...But yes, this image is very Moulin Rouge haha

    Jennifer Ramos


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