Anyone feeling Blue??

Been thinking about painting a couple rooms in my house but haven't figured out what color yet. I found these images and was so amazed how pretty the blue looked. My sofa in my main livingroom is a light blue and I love it! I believe if you use blue, you definately have to have the right decor to go with it. Blue walls and an 80's sofa just doesn't cut it! I remember seeing blue walls in my home when I was growing up and I hated it. I think my mom just didn't have the right type of furniture (no offense Mom). are some pics from Cottage Living with some blue in them....all of a sudden blue is looking much better.



  1. I am painting a room right now that is a Turquoise blue color. I am in love with it. Its very "1950s" feeling, but its a calming color. Not to bright, but a very fun color. If you are worried of doing a straight blue color maybe try something like the color I am painting. You can see it on my blog, the post is called "Hollywood Room".
    good luck! :)

  2. Blue can be a great color - I think it's all in how it's accessorized so it looks fresh and not cold.

  3. Not really a style I'd put in my own home but these photos always make you want to.

  4. im going to have to agree with you Linda, accessories are a huge factor.

  5. jessie...that sounds cool, i love turquoise, i will check your site out now.



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