Chick Shack

I ran across this site and I enjoyed it so much I had to post it here. The furniure and room set up in their pictures are soooo PRETTY! The Pink and Blue was in abundance throughout this site, so if you like those colors you're in luck! Chick Shack is based out of London and they offer quite a collection of painted furniture and accessories for the home inspired by French and Swedish 18th century designs. Enjoy!



  1. Hi Jennifer, 2 things:
    I don't usually like things so girly, but this Chick Shack is really cute.

    Also, my room was not the one posted on Apartmenttherapy, but I bought some new things for my room and modeled it after the one you must have seen. Please let me know what you think!

  2. This website is so pretty!! Thanks again for sharing - I like things that look a little bit feminine...

  3. Joy, thanks, i love this site too...too bad its all the way in London. I seriously have to make a trip there...or just make a move !

  4. hey Laura,
    Its amazing, the room on AT...looks so much like yours wow!
    Good job on your part!


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