Four Star Italy

Don't you just love to travel? Especially if you end up staying in a 4 star hotel in Italy. I have never been but am dying to go. Perhaps sometime this year i will make it to Italy or France.
When I looked at these pictures I felt motivated to work harder so I can take this long awaited vacation. There's something about staying in a nicely decorated hotel that I love. Anyone been to Italy ? These images all from Starhotels.



  1. love the room with the green walls, i'd love to go to Italy as well. I've been to France and i really enjoyed the trip!

    it was quite an experience,

  2. Oh to France I love Italy.....I know for a fact that you will enjoy both!!!

  3. Hey GP, i dying to go!

  4. AnonymousMay 02, 2007

    Gorgeous - love the decor, the use of dark and light material mixes and the plushness of the seating mixed with the hard edges of the walls and fixtures.


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