Sisco Berluti Bracelets...

As some of you may know, my favorite fashion accessory is the bracelet. So, with that said, I had to have a stack from Sisco Berluti!! Have you seen their pieces yet?  

These bracelets are by sisters, Carolyn Berluti & Lisa Sisco in Italy. They created sets of 7 bracelets, each one representing a member of the family, and called them “Families”. At first the bracelets were just personal gifts for families & friends, but soon became a hot commodity for boutique owners to carry in their stores! 

It's a popular & sought after brand & the bracelets are even more gorgeous in person! I love the set I have with the GOLD- skulls - each bracelet runs about $88 each.  

Check out Sisco Berluti for more!



  1. I didn´t know it and I like this brazalets so much, specially those with skulls.

  2. Those bracelets are fantastic! Love 'em :]

  3. oh I really like these! have a great weekend :)

  4. I love brazalets too!

    hava a look to my shop, i will update with the new collection soon ; )

  5. I had never heard about these but I`m loving their bracelets. Going to order, definitly!
    Much love,

  6. Definitely love the Basic Collection Stack!!!

  7. I've been making bracelets recently : ) I'd like to make some more. I named some of mine after who they where for. I like the beaded ones here and how they each have at least one matching bead.

  8. Great choices! I love bracelets! ...maybe a little Too much lol


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