DIY - Orange Pomander Balls

Hello again Made by Girl Readers :-) Jenny May here, from The Swede Records.  I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season!  
One of my favorite things about Christmas is the smell that I have come to associate it with- peppermint, pine, mulled cider, gingerbread, fires,'s all so comforting and nostalgic.  Nothing evokes memories like a scent and for me, Orange Pomander Balls are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. 

A pomander serves as both festive decoration and a palatable air freshener, the perfect fragrant mixtures of spices and fruit.

Pomanders are traditional and very easy to make.  All you really need are some fresh, ripe oranges and a jar of whole cloves.  Add some ribbon and glitter, and you got yourself the perfect lil gift to bring to Holiday parties. 
In order to ultimately hang the pomander ball, wrap a pretty ribbon around the orange twice pinning it to place.  Then, tie a bow on top of the orange and make a knot at the end.

Next, simply insert the pointy ends of the cloves into the rind of the orange in any pattern that pleases you.  (Use a toothpick to gently prick the orange beforehand if necessary). 

Once the orange is completely studded with cloves, pour some glitter all around to give it a little something extra.  

The Orange will eventually dry out but not rot, thanks to the clove's antibacterial properties.  Be sure to give this easy DIY a try this Christmas, I promise you will love how it turns out (and the sensational smell)!

Merry Christmas!

 -post by jenny may



  1. Such a classic part of Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing!

  2. that's neat to know the orange won't rot! i may try this next year!

  3. It is beautiful! I'm trying it right now!

  4. YES! This brought back so much nostalgia. I love the smell of orange/cloves together. Thanks for sharing... Great idea. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year girl!

  5. Oh I loved making those as a kid, they smell so good!

  6. Hello,
    I love the idea, very creative.It is beautiful!
    Merry Christmas


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