Food: Eating Healthy During The Holidays!

Hello Made by Girl readers! We are Lori & Michelle and we write for a healthy living & food blog called pure2raw

We are beyond excited & so honored to be a contributor (along with many other great ladies) for Jen here on Made by Girl. Not only is Jen, and everything about her blog, amazing, but real, inspirational, and fun! On our blog we mainly talk about food!

We eat a diet that focuses on pure, wholesome ingredients along with being gluten-free. We also live for desserts, what about you? Any other dessert lovers out there? Today we are focusing on the holidays. 

The holidays are always a tough time for many to eat healthy, stay on track, but enjoy the holiday celebrations at the same time. We struggle too. But today we have some amazing recipes that we hope inspire you to stay healthy this holiday season as well as have some fun! Remember less is more. Keep food simple like guacamole squash.

Maybe try something non-traditional but still has all the flavors of fall like this lentil squash pie.

We love chocolate and find it is a perfect way to spread the holiday spirit. Chocolate makes for the perfect gift.

Make these healthy, delicious and super easy homemade bon bons for friends, co-workers, or even for yourself.

raw vegan bon bons

Going to a holiday party and need a quick recipe that any one will love, these biscotti cookies might do the trick. They are quick to make too. Anything with chocolate is always a crowd pleaser too right?

Looking for a new way to enjoy winter squash, then you must try it in a sandwich like our chocolate flatbread with layers of basil and squash. Chocolate bread anyone? Told you we love our chocolate.

In need of a quick healthy pumpkin pie recipe, look no further our unbaked pumpkin chocolate pie is always a great and new idea.

raw pumpkin pie tart 

Looking for the ultimate holiday recipe? One that you can wow people with, well we got you covered with our pumpkin brownie cupcakes. 

Ever had a squash or pumpkin blended up? Call us crazy but they make for some amazing creamy, rich smoothies like this ginger pumpkin kefir smoothie!

ginger pumpkin smoothie

We hope we have inspired you to try some new things this holiday season. Maybe try out a new recipe, play around with new ingredients, or play with new flavor combinations! The possibilities are endless with a little creativity. Wishing you all happy, healthy, Holiday!  

-post by Lori & Michelle 



  1. wowza. pumpkin smoothie - come to me now!

  2. everything looks so amazing - especially the guac! favorite.

  3. So glad to find your food blog! Can't wait to try some of these recipes!

  4. Hi Lori and Michelle you can be sure that I will try several of these! Yum!

    Please Come and enter in My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. There are so many exciting & special Gifts! Tis the Season!


    Art by Karena

  5. This is good for the Holiday Season. You will be enjoying without adding some pounds. This post is very valuable.

    jeavon @ Interior Design Ideas

  6. loving the healthy recipes! YUM!

  7. These food suggestions are incredible!! So unique!! I'm dying to try some new, healthy dishes! My sister and her husband are coming in for the holidays and my brother-in-law can only eat gluten free foods so this is just perfect!!


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