Fashion: 10 Stocking Stuffers

Hi there! It's Casie Mace again. This time bringing you 10 Stocking Stuffers! One year my family did a "stocking stuffers only" gift exchange and, I must admit, it was so much fun!!!!

Stocking stuffers can be the little solutions to your daily woes like tangled earphone wires and lost gloss! Or they can include some of the smaller accessories you've been eyeballing all year.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Bubbled Cosmetics Pouch [image via anthropologie]: The items that keep you beautiful, deserve a beautiful home. 

2. Echo Design Touch Gloves [image via]: Wear Pantone's 2012 color-of-the-year while browsing your iPhone! 

3. Vintage Chevron iPhone [image via]: A fun twist on chevron for iPhone. 
4. mochthings Earphone Pouch [image via]: No more tangled earphone wires all over my purse. 

5. Headband Neon [image via]: The super comfy "it" gym headband.

6. Bfrend Bracelet [image via MadeByGirl]: Because every girl should have at least one (or three). 

7. Bobbie Brown Smoldering Eye Palette [image via]: No one will out-shimmer you with this one! 

8. Sephora's Bestsellers for Lips [image via]: Open stocking, pour contents, pucker up! 

9. Cobracabana LED Compact Mirror [image via]: If you're checking for lipstick on your teeth, it should be with a super chic mirror. 

10. mochithings Slim Purse Organizer [image via]: GOODBYE to the disorder that occurs when I change handbags.

 -post by Casie Mace



  1. all Great ideas!

  2. you find the best iphone covers! thanks for this!

  3. why is it that i want all of these things for ME? bad time of year for wanting... need to focus on gifting :)


  4. I'm intrigued by the headband... why is it the "it" headband? I love to wear headbands to work out and am always looking for better ones!

  5. Jen I love the new Echo Gloves, so pretty and functional!

    Please come and enter my Grand Finale of Holiday Giveaways from Greyfreth. You will love it!


    Art by Karena

  6. My stocking is jealous...It's needs these now. Great post!

  7. These stocking stuffers are amazing! How cute is that ear bud pouch?!?

  8. Yay Casie! Great gift ideas and can't wait to see more of your guest posts!

  9. I most definitely need that chevron Iphone case and those Bfrend bracelets!

  10. What a fabulous list!! Thanks for including me, I feel so honored! ;)


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