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This photo was taken at Vosges Haut-Chocolat by Trina. If only all chocolate shops were this gorgeous ha?

Holiday doggie gear is so adorable. I tried this on one of my dogs, key word, TRIED....she did not like it let's just say. Love this pic taken by Taylor of Glitter Guide.

This reminds me that we need to go shopping for our Christmas dinner. Got all the presents out of the way, so dinner is next. looks delicious no? Photo by Mackenzie

Cute bar display - I sort of wish we were throwing a Holiday party, but we'll just wait till New Year's Eve & attend someone else's event. Photo by The glam lamb.



  1. OMG Jen I am soo addicted to Instagram......


  2. The chocolate shop is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the link, lovie! :)

  3. sweet to see you appreciating others instagram photos :)

  4. makes me want to get more sweaters for my puppy, too cute. Oh how I love instagram

  5. how funny, before I read the post I was thinking the pup looked like lucca....and it was. TOO cute1

  6. That bright fuchsia gallery wall and chandelier is just breathtaking!!

  7. chocolate house is perfect! it would be also nice for a bar, I would like to drink there everyday.

  8. I am currently obsessed with Instagram! Those photos are amazing, love the pink walls :)



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