Thank You Sonja....

I wanted to send a quick thanks to Sonja from Tied With A Bouw blog for being so kind enough to send me the CLEO Magazine I was featured in from Malaysia! We don't get that mag here so it was great to see her offer...oh & she sent me a super cute housewarming gift as well! Colorful chop sticks, which we'll definitely be trying out soon! Thank you Sonja for putting a smile on my face!!

Please visit Sonja's blog here, she's about to have her FIRST BABY any day now.....

images by jen



  1. I love it when fellow bloggers are so generous. x

  2. I follow both of your blogs and I absolutely love that the two of you are friends! Thank you for all the great inspiration and I can't wait for Baby Bouw to make his or her debut :). Have a great weekend Jen and Sonja,

  3. What a nice gesture! I absolutely adore the chopsticks!

  4. such a sweet gesture! those chopsticks are beautiful. congrats on your feature :)

    joann @

  5. that's so thoughtful and sweet! I love both of your blogs!

  6. Jen- Oh you didn't have to do that my dear... thank-you for the gorgeous post, you have now put a smile on my face! :)

    Gretchen- it is so nice to know that you read both of our blogs :) FYI no Baby Bouw as yet... official due date is tomorrow so hopefully bubs decides to join us :)right on time Have a great w/e! x

  7. The chopsticks are so beautiful. How kind of her. I'll check out her blog x


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