Kelly Wearstler's Home for Sale......(Via Made By Girl)

Did you know that Designer Kelly Wearstler's Mansion is on the market??

I love how ShelterPop said it best...and I quote, "If you have $46 million dollars and love animal prints, this one's for you." Her mansion is situated in Beverly Hills, California (of course). She purchased the property with her husband about 5 years ago for ONLY $25 million , well not only....but now she's going to profit a good chunk of change. Good job Kelly! Below is a glimpse of Kelly's 11,000+ sq. foot home, enjoy! 



  1. Wow that is amazing, wonder what will be her next perfect house...

  2. That's a whole lot of gotta love animal prints or love to entertain or have tons of kids to "fill up" this home...then this home is for you.

  3. Gorgeous! Would love to see where she moves to...

  4. I'm actually surprised that I don't totally love it- I adore pretty much everything she does but her own home is kind of something- a little too ornate and missing her usual plethora of colour- I wouldn't kick it out of bed in the morning but not my favourite.

  5. WOW! it's just amazing!


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