My Kitchen Re-do & Suggestions Needed... (Via Made By Girl)

This week I'm having a few LICENSED contractors over my place to give me estimates on my kitchen.  I've been dreaming of having an all white kitchen for quite sometime now.  The photo that really did it for me was shot by Donna Griffith and was featured in the January 2010 issue of Style At Home magazine.

It's my inspirational picture for my kitchen re-do. Normally, we would TACKLE this project ourselves, but I just don't feel there is room for MISTAKE! Get what I mean?? Plus, we're LACKING time & this project requires several days to get it done right! My current cabinets are new (great condition) but not the best looking cabinets, in fact they are just plain BLAH UGLY!!!  I'm thinking of several options for the re-do, all the while trying to stay on a REASONABLE BUDGET. 

My options: 
  1. Have the current cabinets painted all WHITE (boxes and all) 
  2. Get ONLY the doors/drawers replaced to a shaker style (in white) and get the boxes painted white. 
Believe it or NOT there is a 3rd option: To paint the existing cabinets all white, and then ADD UPPERS as well! Of course, the 3rd option may be quite pricey!! But what do I know??  I've never done this before.  Have you???

As for the back splash & hardware..... I have a few ideas and resources I may try.

Backsplash: Perhaps a carrara marble tile from a company called Oracle Tile & Stone or plain white subway tiles.
HardwareEither black or Chrome from Restoration Hardware or Lowes OR??

I WOULD REALLY LOVE YOUR INPUT & any RESOURCES you can provide where I may be able to save some $$$ money. Please leave your suggestions on which option you think I should go for. 

 REMEMBER, I'm getting quotes this week, so I'll more than likely go with the most reasonable one.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 



  1. We're in the middle of our third kitchen remodel (we flip houses) so I know what you're going through! My suggestion would be to keep your drawer & cabinet fronts and paint everything white - even though replacing them isn't that expensive, you're looking at at least $45 per door, which can add up quickly. I would save that money and have short cabinets added above - such a great look! For cabinet hardware, have you checked out Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot? A Restoration Hardware look at about half the price. Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

    ~ Liz

  2. Just wen throught his process with my sister - she is having her cabinets slightly re-configured, painted (white!), new counters, floors, hardware and backsplash. My best advice is this - whenever you have contractors in ask for examples of their work and if you can go to some previous clients homes to see it in person. reputable contractors will be more than happy to oblige and so will their satisfied clients :) My sister found out about a man who is being investigated for fraud this way.

  3. I am saying this with NO kitchen remodel experience, but I think you should just paint everything; it looks like your cabinets are in good shape and painted white/with hardware I think they would look very similar to your inspiration photo. I also love the idea of the white subway tiles. From what I know of you and your style, those would be perfect. That's what I'd do anyway... no need to spend the money when you don't need to.

    I am not sure if that was at all helpful but I am excited to see what you decide!

  4. I love your inspiration kitchens, and am looking forward to seeing your kitchen's transformation. I would replace some upper cabinet doors with glass doors, I see glass fronted cabinets in the kitchens you posted. Iregret not doing more of that in my kitchen.

  5. Oh Jen..if you can at all manage the price, I would say have additional upper cabinets installed. It would make that kitchen appear so much more grand. We painted our cabinets and had a great outcome. I have 5 little ones at home and the paint has held up nicely.

    Love the light fixtures and can't wait to see the final.

    xx - Christina

  6. I've painted my current cabinets black and the key really is prepping them (sanding or priming) and also adding a few clear coats on after. (I think I did 3) They have held up pretty well but it has only been about 2 or 3 years. The finish on new doors would probably hold up better in the long run because in general factory finishes are more durable. (I used to be in the Kitchen & Bath business and got to go to the Woodmode factory and see how it was all done) So I guess a few factors come into play. How long do you plan on being in the house? Do you think you will want to change it in the fairly near future? Take those things into consideration when you are comparing prices. I do think adding the top cabinets would look nice but you might need to do something diffent with the hood area. If you had cabinets wrapping all the way around there would be a space since the hood angles a little bit. One more suggestion: Add glass to the doors on either side of the hood. Good Luck. I'll will be excited to see the finished project!


  7. Hi Jen,
    Just checking you got my email on my kitchen makeover? If not, let me know and I'll send it again. In the meantime, my advice would be to paint it all white - it's easy, inexpensive and as your doors are in great condition, why not? If you don't want to diy, I've had car spray painters do some spray painting for me in the past, which is a good, quick option if you're pressed for time. Best of luck with it, and here's the link to my diy kitchen makeover post on my blog:


  8. Hey Jen,
    I cant give you recoucres as im over in Australaia but i reckon you'll get the look you want by painting all the cupboards white, tiling the splashbacks in carrarra & putting new door hardware on the doors (te ones you have chosen look good to me!) + some great stools. Looking forward to seeing the afters
    sal x

  9. one other idea might be to replace the tap with a more stylish one! I cant see it clearly but a new one would lift the place too i think!
    sal x

  10. I'm about to do the same thing- I thought I was just going to paint the cabinets, replace hardward and do new backspash/countertops but now it has blown up to a full rip out and start over. I'm of no help but I think that the kitchen really is the heart of the home and I want mine to refelct me and my present kitchen just doesn't. I'm also trying to tell myself that when we sell, we'll get the money back:) As for actual advice, are your doors shaker style? It's hard to tell in the picture. If so, I would leave them and have them painted but add the upper cabinets and maybe have some glass in those ones. I think the full height cabinets would add so much to your room. After that, it would just be a matter of counters and knobs etc. Sorry for not being much help but I'm going through it too- my kitchen person is coming tomorrow so we shall see:) Good luck! xo

  11. I think you should paint your cabinets white. I think they look fine and will come up really well with the correct hardware. I love white marble tile for your back splash and I think the silver hardware looks clean and fresh and really pops.Cant wait to see the finished result.

  12. i just saw this kitchen on the decorista this week and it REALLY stuck with could paint existing cabinets, remove the boxes and lift them to meet the ceiling (or crown molding) then put an open shelf underneath...this picture is worth a thousand words!

    AMAZING, no?

  13. Those cabinets are in great new condition so I would definitely suggest having them professionally painted all WHITE so they will hold up. Plus changing out a few or all of the upper cabinet doors to ones with glass fronts. A couple DIY options are to cut out and install glass in your existing ones which might help with cost. Glass fronts really help upgrade a space on a budget. Add the carrera marble backsplash when you can to complete the makeover! Good luck can't wait to see how it comes along!

  14. Is it lame to say I love your kitchen the way it is. It seems very carefree and sunny and more welcoming than the inspiration photo (although I love that look too) Either way you can do no wrong. Good luck!

  15. My husband and gutted a historic home 2 years to the studs!! Keep you cabinets, that will save you so much. Spend more on accessories. Try ebay for backsplash...we found amazing glass tiles for almost nothing!! We also did all the work ourselves which saved so much but was a lot of time. Good luck! It's so much work, but sooooo worth it!!!

  16. A couple of ideas....Replace the cabinet by the sink with a tall glass front cabinet and add cabinets on top of the oven cabinet. Then take a window treatment up to the ceiling. You can then add something decorative over the shorter cabinets or just leave them open. You might also build out a hood facade to cover up the upper cabinets. It seems like your controls are underneath, so you could completely disguise the hood. Cover it in drywall and add some molding and it will look custom. You could also have the trim carpenter add fee to the cabinet lowers to make it look more custom...not an expensive addition. Certainly, paint and add hardware. It's a great size kitchen, and you can make some wonderful inexpensive additions that will take it over the top. Can't wait to see what you do!
    Good luck!
    Sally -

  17. Your cabinets look like they are in good shape. It is definitely cost effective to paint all the cabinets instead of gutting the whole kitchen. You could also put some glass inserts in some of the uppers like your inspiration picture. I like the nickel hardware option for hardware and nothing beats stone for a backsplash. It is the most expensive to go stone so depending on your budget you could mix a subway tile with a stone accent band to cut down on the cost. It will look custom and gorgeous!

  18. Don't have reno advice for you, but I have to say that the kitchen from Style at Home is my very favorite kitchen inspiration shot of all time!!! I adore it. You are off to a good start with the hicks pendants!

  19. Because we were on a tight budget we just painted out our oak cabinets (similar to yours) white and I love them!! With a new counter and backspash, our kitchen will have new life. I have the same kitchen inspiration picture saved for my home, great minds think alike :)
    Nancy xo

  20. We have refaced the cabinets and had them painted before. It is a great option if you like the layout that you have. On the tiles.. Homedepot has a great marble subway tile (3 x 6) that is very reasonable and would look great! Best of luck!


  21. First off, I love your style and where did you get your cool light pendants?

    I noticed that in your first inspirational photo that the cabinets aren't super high but they have super nice thick molding at the top that makes them seem a lot higher and gives that kitchen an expensive feel, that might be an option :) I would definitely recommend painting them white or having someone do it! I think the bronze hardware would look awesome with your floors too ;)

  22. Ummmmm.... Maybe paint and add uppers? I think it def needs to go way up... maybe with glass doors?

  23. These are some questions you should consider to help you think about the cost.

    #1: Is this your "forever" house? (...then go with new cabinets and do it up! Get what you want!)

    #2: Is this a temporary space? (Then go with the addition of upper cabinets and get the cabinets spray painted...make sure the painter is familiar with using a paint hardener so the finish is smooth).

    #3: Do I want inset cabinets? (expensive since most are custom...the type that is in your inspiration photo)

    #4: Do I want frameless? (all you see is the door...costly option as well)

    #5: Do I want overlay cabinet doors? (What is currently installed, least expensive option.)

    So, as I go through my kitchen redo I realized "go with your heart and what you love!" Budget...yup...blew that away since I wanted what I wanted and chose not to settle. I'm doing this only once and should get what I want.

    I shopped around with many kitchen designers in NY and chose the person who was the most patient with me as I am a perfectionist (aren't we all!). I asked for estimates from each and was honest with them that I was shopping around for the best price. It's interesting how quickly they offer you the contractor pricing on the cabinets. Then, I found a reputable contractor to install the cabinets. This way, I did the legwork and got the cabinets, design, and dream kitchen I wanted. Contractors work with only certain kitchen places and tend to go with them. If I were you, I would shop around to see the quality of cabinets out there.

    You must go for plywood construction and check to make sure the drawer bottoms are plywood, too. You don't want them bottoming out on you.

    Good luck.
    (I'll send you pics of my white, inset kitchen that is very similar to your inspiration once I'm done.)

    I'm remodeling my kitchen right now. I'm going with white inset cabinets with the upper cabinets.

  24. Great size kitchen! Save those cabinets & paint them. Use the money & get uppers & crown molding. I love the bar handle style silver handles. And you have great taste so I'm sure in the end it will look gorgeous! Goodluck!

  25. I have a 1970s kitchen and I had them painted put in glass in two cupboards and changed hardware. If I had it to do over I would not change one thing I did. So much cheaper than replacing cupboards or doors. Be sure and get a good painter, they are worth their weight in gold. My guy did literally 2 coats oil base primer and 4 coats of paint sanding between every coat. The boxes were brushed and the doors were sprayed. Hinges were the biggest concern, it was hard to find new ones to match the existing holes so we had to patch old holes for new ones to fit. Good luck you will love them painted white. Be sure and pick a soft white not a glaring blue base white,there is nothing worse!! I can tell you will want warm and cozy!! Kathysue

  26. i'd say paint what you already have, so you have a clean slate, then you can sit on the new doors and uppers for a while. I think you can get the look you want with what you already have, and painting is so cheap.
    I'm attempting to paint our hideous flesh tone cupboards soon, but they are laminate (yikes!) we'll see how it goes, i'm also painting white but getting a dark counter top and i can't decide on a backslpash

  27. i love your inspirational, it is very sophisticated and very you! but as a suggestion check my last blog about kitchen backsplashes... i just like pops of color!

  28. Jen-

    Fab inspiration images! Love your new pendants! Laura at the bottom had great ideas to think about and research. Research is the key with kitchen and bath remodels. Are you staying in this house a long while? If so, do it the way you dream! Try not to skimp, or you will not be happy and spend more in the long run. Really research your contractors! I have had clients come to us after they were taken by a contractor and their kitchen a mess for us to fix! You have a great eye, and with research to get what you want, it will be fabulous!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with! Carrara Marble Tiles and slab counters will be so lovely! (you will like it better than plain white subway!)

    Michelle :)

  29. Oh I love those inspiration photos! I'm right in the middle of getting bids from contractors also! Painting cabinetry in kitchen & living, new countertops- granite & stainless steel, new subway backsplash, hand scraped hardwoods. Anxious to hear any tips or advice others might have! I'm trying to find any way to save some money as this project is getting pricier by the minute! Love you style and can't wait to see what you do!

  30. My immediate thought was of fellow Aussie blogger Kerri's kitchen makeover (from Driftwood Interiors) - just noticed she's commented above so definitely check out her link. I think you have a great basis for your kitchen though and it looks in good condition so perhaps painting is the way to go. I like the suggestions of others above of perhaps having some glass fronted cabinets. Your hardware options above look great too. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen after its makeover :)

  31. KERRI: YES! i definitely got your email...and your one of the reasons I wrote this post, because i liked your kitchen and how you had it painted. :)
    I am REALLY leaning toward having i painted as is....thanks so much.

  32. BERNADETTE: You really made some good points...the hood will have to be re-done if I get uppers...because as you pointed out, it is angled. That is one small dilemma, and i have no idea how they would handle that. However, I will definitely be getting an estimate for uppers so we'll see what they say about the hood. :) Thank you!

  33. SHANNON: That's something I didnt even think about ...only problem is my ceilings are much higher than that kitchen. So I wouldn't be able to reach my cabinets at all.

  34. SAL-R-J: I agree...Infact I already got the stools. I chose some lucite ones ...bought 3 of them :) Also, i think you're right about the tap, a nicer one will do wonders. thanks!

  35. CHRISTINA: Thanks I will look for the tiles at home Depot too!

  36. MANNINGS: The pendants are called Hicks Pendants and i got them from Circa Lighting....they are the large ones.

  37. LIZ: Wow...flipping houses, i can imagine how much you must know...thank you for your advice.
    I love the idea of saving money (after painting everything) and adding short cabinets above :)

    As for hardware, I didn't even know Martha Stewart had a line at Home Depot for hardware...must check it out this weekend, thanks!!

  38. Fresh Paint - like the 4th image. Add uppers all the way up.
    You can do it, the kitchen already has a great layout.
    Love the white and light counters. Love to see a dark lower cabinet or dark on the island to make a pop,
    love the lights.
    For the back splash, you can do white tile or even glass tile.

  39. FULL HOUSE/ CHRISTINA: I crossing my fingers that uppers are within my budget! :)))) Would love to see a pic of your kitchen....

  40. Hi Jen. I understand your doubts. Me and my guy had the same last year when we moved to our own home.

    We decided for ordering a new kitchen. That took 3 months to be installed but no regrets, we loved it!

    In your case, I think painting would do a great deal.

    Good luck and keep us informed :)

  41. first, HOW EXCITING!! it's large kitchen and it will be a bliss to create it!

    second, I love the 3rd option. If you plan on staying a while, you can start with painting all white and then, when $$$ allows, add the uppers. However, it's going to look fabulous!!

  42. I love your blog!

  43. Discovered your blog via Twitter. Love the artwork you stretched. You've selected nice options for the kitchen remodel. When we built, I purchased a lot of things online - the world is at your fingertips! I'll come back later with some suggestions, but wanted to invite you over to Atticmag for more kitchen inspiration. It began as Kitchens We Love and grew from there.

    We'll be moving to a new site in the next few days.


  44. I feel like painting your cabinets all white will be the cheapest way to go. Your cabinets are in great shape, and then you have more money for a backsplash and hardware. I love your inspiration kitchen by the way!

  45. Hi, I might be a first time commenter (though I'm really not sure) but your blog is just beautiful and I can't help chiming in on this question.

    My vote would be to paint everything white and change out a few of the upper doors for glass inset doors (you can also have the contractors cut out the wood panel in the existing doors and have them put glass in for you and that should save money!). For the hardware, I'd go with the black (just like in your inspiration photo)--with the chrome, all I can think of is what a pain it would be to clean and polish all of that hardware. With the black hardware you won't have to worry about fingerprints and a quick wipe will keep them clean.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

  46. I love an all white kitchen (and wish my husband would love it too...) I think your cabinets are already slightly shaker style (other than the drawers), so painting them white would totally change the look of them, and be the cheapest fix. I LOVE marble counters, although I've heard they're not ideal for kitchens because they're so porous...that said, my favorite designer, Sarah Richardson, uses marble a LOT in kitchens (and sometimes adds stainless steel countertops too)! or

    I love your choices for hardware too! Another favorite of mine is White Equador and Persian Pearl granite.

  47. Check out the 2nd image in the below link. This is what your option 3 could look like. Hope it helps.

  48. Jen--love your inspiration photo, and that you've already added those pendants to your existing kitchen. As a kitchen and cabinetry designer myself, I'm used to gutting kitchens and replacing everything (just finished my own), but in your case, I would absolutely get your existing cabinets professionally painted, and possibly add uppers to the ceiling. A cabinet maker could easily make a hood surround to house a liner, and give that area a "grander" look that would tie in with any other cabinets you might add. The key thing to keep in mind when doing a painted white kitchen is that finish is everything, and you want to get the best finishers you can afford to do the work. Generally speaking, a factory applied finish (in the case of new cabinets) is great (I used to sell Wood-Mode, and their finish is spectacular), but higher-end custom shops with their own finishing equipment can produce superior finishes as well. My best advice would be to view a portfolio of work done by the finishers, as well obtain client referrals. Hire finishers who are experienced in finishing cabinetry on site, as they will have the proper equipment and processes to do the job correctly in a home setting. When you've decided who to go with, ask for finish samples to make sure they're understanding the exact color and sheen you want for your cabinets. This can go a long way in easing your mind in who you're choosing. My blog (which I only recently started) has information, great images, and some random thoughts on white kitchens (and kitchens in general). Looking forward to seeing the beautiful transformation!

  49. I love the Carrera Marble back splash! I know home depot has an inexpensive granite that looks just like carrera but I'm not sure about the quality... Also, I'm not sure if you've seen this post from Isabella & Max rooms, but it might be helpful when deciding whether or not to paint the cabinets. Good Luck!

  50. Oooohhhh... what a exciting remodelation! I think that I'd paint all drawer & cabinet. I belive that it would be cheaper tahn bought new ones...

    Greetings from Spain! ;)

  51. I think you should paint the cabinets all white, some of the upper cabinets could be glass inserted.

    Here's a suggestion for a variation on the Island base: How about painting it a different color or wrapping it in paneling or beadboard and staining it wood? Or, use a faux wood finish on it (similar to the second picture)? Or for a more elegant look, use molding strips to simulate paneling? It will be a stunning contrast with white bar stools. If you use paneling, you may want to finish the edges with molding strips for a more polished look especially if you just do the three sides and leave the front white assuming there are cupboards and you want to keep it simple and not complicate things. I have also seen carrara marble in subway tiles......(my favorite!)

    Have fun with the project. I adore your column!

    Julie L

  52. I love it. I can't wait to move and get started with the planning and decorating. I'm chomping at the bit about it. Have fun!

  53. I love the inspiration pictures, and I especially love those fixtures. So YUMMY!

    Your cabinets are in great shape, and more important- the configuration does work. If you do add the short cabinets will you raise your current cabinets? Is there going to be enough room to get them to the ceiling?

    I just purchased the Martha hardware from Home Depot and it is lovely. My Home Depot had be order them- they were not in stock- so that is something to note.

    Also- we have painted cabinets grey in a rental property that we own, and we went with the car painters for the cabinets, and it was done messily, and we had to get it re-done. So make sure you see actual jobs that the contractor has done.

    One last thing- I got tile for the backsplash at a clearance section at a tile store near my home. $50 for the entire space. Start stalking craigslist for someone's remnant tile. I am sure you will be able to find some.

    My kitchen reno is on

  54. I would leave the existing doors, and have all the cabinets painted white. I would do pulls like the ones in the upper right corner of your hardware inspirations on all the drawers and round, matching knobs on all the doors. You can purchase these at home depot or lowes to save some money. If you can swing the cost, adding upper cabinets would really take the kitchen from great to spectacular! Good luck, and I can't wait to see how things progress!

  55. I would definitely go with the carrera marble subway tiles, existing cabinets painted white with the upper additions, and those extra long handles in the last picture.

  56. i like your options - personally, I like when the island is a different colour than the main kitchen b/c i think it adds character. also, white it tricky b/c of the undertones, be sure to have test cabinets and look at the colour at different times of the day... you might find many of the whites have a yellow undertone. We re-did our kicthen 2 years ago and chose White Tie from Farrow & Ball - it's more vanilla than white... CC40 is the most commonly used for white kitchens... if me, it was a little too white. Here's a link to my kitchen redo...

    Good Luck!

  57. you are not far from what you want. what a great space. with a contractor you'll get it done right. can't wait to see!

  58. Hi Jen,

    Don't know how your DIY skills are but I'd say... PAINT the cabinets all white and add the first cabinet door handles. I'd invest great tiles and counter tops.
    Option 1: yes, white subwya/metro style and then black stone counter top.
    Or 2. Stailess steelchrome sheets on the wall instead of tiles!! (like in cool restaurants) And then combine that with greyish marble counter top.
    In both cases i'd go for chrome door handles...

    I live in Holland, so can't give you addresses where to shop. But hope my input helps.

    Looking forward to see what the final result looks like.

    Good luck xoxo

  59. Love the third idea because I really love the look of cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling!

  60. Feel like you are done and done! Love the inspiration photo..reminds me of my dream kitchen from "Something's Gotta Give!" thought for your cabinets, you could also add 'picture frames' with strips of wood, sand and paint for a different look. I just faked out a 'mantle' like this and it was CHEAP and turned out so great! Good Luck!

  61. Hello! Am I too late to put my 2c in?
    I love your kitchen and you already have such a great base to work from.
    I instantly fell for your first inspiration picture - probably because it is so similar to what you have.
    White coating for your existing cabinets, and perhaps a few second hand 'glassed doors' to lighten up the look will do the trick. Call a few of your local 'demolition contractors' and ask if they sell 'seconds' - they often do. They may even stock some nice handles that gives the newly sprayed cabinets an edgier look.

    Can't wait to follow the development on the work. Best of luck with everything!

    x Charlotta

  62. ... me again.
    Forgot to say that I have asked Skona Hem to give me the source of those gorgeous 'antler candle sticks' that you asked about. Hope to hear back.

    Here's a source for some that are similar, and that you might like:

    The other alternative is to buy vintage antlers and have a local craftsman turn them into candle sticks. Might not cost very much.

    xx Charlotta

  63. I think that your cabinets don't look that different from the ones in the inspiration photo. Which means you can easily paint them white and call it a day :)
    I think it might be nice if you add some more cabinets on top though, because I really like how they meet the ceiling in the inspiration photo :) You don't have to use them every day, you can use them for can storage or something you don't need too often, so you don't have to worry about reaching them.

    As for the hardware, I think the long chrome ones will make the white kitchen more elegant, while the other pulls on the photo will give it a more rustic feel. I guess it depends where you want to go with it, but I'm just guessing the elegant kitchen :)

    And last, the tiles! I absolutely love white tiles! I want to put some in my kitchen :) But I think the carrara marble tiles might give it a more expensive look, rather than domestic. Which I think will look great in this case, but it might be more pricey - I'm not sure how the prices are in the US but over here such marble tiles can be quite expensive.

    So yeah, paint them white, get some more cabinets on top, put the long elegant chrome hardware and the carrara marble tiles and there you go :) That's my advise. Good luck, dear! xo

  64. See you've got tons of kitchen design advice...oh well here's my opinion. Your kitchen looks great!! Just paint the cabinets a semi gloss. If you want the glass cabinet feel - exchange only the doors closest to stove to glass doors. Add paneling on the front of you bar instead, that will make the kitchen look more expensive. With that and some great chairs you kitchen will look like a million bucks.

  65. We just did the same thing to our kitchen! Check it out here:

    We painted the cabinets white, put in new countertops, etc. It's amazing what a little paint and creativity can do!

    Love those lights...

  66. Marble tends to be in the $30/sf, whereas you can find a cheapo white subway at Lowe's or Home Depot for about $2/sf. If you are looking to save $$$ have you thought about a white bevel brick subway tile? They are really pretty and add a little bit of interest to the design- not as simple as basic subway, but not as expensive as marble- probably in the $10-$15 range.

    The other idea you could do would be to put the basic subway on the backsplash and do a little accent area of marble mosaic tile above the stove- you would probably only need about 6 to 9/sf of marble that way. Hope that helps and good luck with the remodel!

  67. I painted all the cabinets white in our last house and it made a huge difference. However, in the summer they sometimes stuck with the humidity. Those look like fairly new cabinets. I would try selling the whole lot of them on Craigslist and buying all new cabinets, if you budget allows. Otherwise I'd paint.

  68. I'm curious to hear what kind of quotes you get. My aunt just had her cabinets painted and I was surprised how expensive that can be still!! Seems like everything to do with kitchen renovation can be pricey. We put in the cabinets ourselves with the help of a friend to save on costs.

    btw...your kitchen space is amazing...all that space!!! can't wait to see what you have done!

  69. You have a fantastic kitchen!
    Backsplash: all mirror or steel.
    Hardware: Chrome
    Transform the doors above: I suggest to add a transparent glass to some of the old doors (like in second and third picture). It should be cheap.
    And of course painted in white.
    The result: more youthful than the current stile, and more sofisticated

    hope it helps
    Nice wknd!!

  70. If worse comes to worse, I think you should paint the cabinets yourself. Use high gloss American Accents paints. This paint will go on smoothly and the grain will very very so slightly show through making it look like REAL white cabinets. Then spend the rest of the money on your white backsplash and hardward. You already have the most expensive element: hardwood floors and stainless appliances. Look on overstock for great looking designer elements such as hardware at great prices.

  71. Your inspiration picture is amazing! I think your cabinets would have an entirely different look if they were painted white and had hardware added. If you did the painting yourself, it may be in your budget to do a DIY tile backsplash as well. Goodluck and I can't wait to see the finished product!


  72. Like most of the comments say you should paint the cabinets white, I'm sure would save lost of $$$ that way. You can change some upper cabinet doors with one that have glass. Add some cool silver hardware. Also white tiles would look great. I really thing that this kitchen doesn't need to much work, just some little changes. Hope to see the finished product!

    XOXO From Buenos Aires!!

  73. Please, oh please paint them yourself. You will be suprised at what a huge change it makes and how much you will save. My husband and I re-did our kitchen completely and new cabinets just were not in our budget. We painted the cabinets white, added new hardware and did these easy granite countertops.

    We bought paint from Lowes that is made for cabinets and used foam rollers, they turned out better than expected. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  74. We had our kitchen cabinets painted and got a really great deal, I did my whole kitchen for $5,000 although did not add any uppers, but this includes everything else (backsplash, carrara marble countertops, hardware, hinges, painted cabinets, glass, faucet, and sink, all with paying for install (with appliances it was a little more). It can be done, you just have to stick firm to your budget and find the right people to do the job.

  75. i'm like you, i'm all about white cabinets. i'd love to get mine painted, but my husband is a no go.

    good luck! can't wait to see how it will look


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