Suggest a fabric/site and a GIVEAWAY!

I was lucky enough to find this super cute French Provincial style sofa for $125 on Craigslist a couple days ago. Its an old piece, but in great shape! Although it was re-upholstered about 6 years ago, I cannot deal with the dated fabric + it has some cat hair on it, which I'm VERY allergic to!

My mission is to find a fabric that isn't going to run me a million bucks & still look GREAT!

I'd like to take my time so I can find the best deal on a fabric & still have it suite my space. Yesterday, I surfed the web & came up with these top 10 fabrics below. I would be happy with either of these I'm sure, but am still undecided. The colors in my family room are mostly reds, pinks & blues. All these fabrics are from either J Caroline Creative OR Contemporary Cloth.
Its not set in stone yet so that is where you all come in.

I'd LOVE to get some suggestions in selecting fabric for this sofa, please, please, please leave your comments on deals you know about, fabrics you think would look better, (also consider coloring the wooden frame), or maybe an interior designer who can hook me up with a wholesale price. (Ok shhh, email me on that. ha!)

GIVEAWAY FOR YOUR SUGGESTION: if I select the fabric you suggested I'll give you a free print (of your choice) OR 6 cards (of your choice) from my shop!! So, go ahead please leave your comments. What fabric would you recommend?? What sites?? Looking forward to reading them! Thanks.



  1. oooh, that couch was *such* a steal! Love the little x's and the chevrons, esp.

  2. All of your picks are gorgeous, but I think the black and white x's would look the best. It's geometric, but not perfect, and would look great with any color combo, including the pinks, blues, and reds of your living room

  3. I really like the one on the lower left... the vine-y black and white one. If you do that one, I think you should paint the wood parts hot pink, just to add some color.

    Here are a couple links to fabrics I found that are pretty inexpensive, but still totally cute...

    This pink one would look cute with the wood painted a glossy black.
    Here's another damask.
    Zebra is always a fun black and white option... It would be cool to paint the wood parts orange or pink.

  4. White to paint the wood and diagonal stripes fabric.

  5. That sofa is gorgeous Jen! I love the soft pink fabric sample you've posted. It sits beautifully next to the black and white X fabric - cushions perhaps?

    Can't wait to see in all her glory!

  6. that provencal couch is a great find!!!! paint the frame distressed white & the red background white floral fabric on the bottom right! maybe mix in the black and white x's as an accent throw pillow for funk?!

  7. I've got it! Use the B&W 'X' fabric for all the piping and sides/backs and front lower panel. For inside back and seat cushions use the lightest pink/white geometric. All wood painted out white. This is the ultimate choice. Oui?

  8. AnonymousJune 30, 2008

    I looove your blog!
    keep up the good work :)

  9. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    I'm loving the white and black damask looking one on the lower left hand corner. I think the contrast of the white and black fabric will look absoulutely fabulous against the colorful blues, reds, and pinks in your family room.

    Fabulous find!

  10. I love
    They have great fabrics! I love the black and white with the vines for the cushions. I also love a black and white stripe for the back and sides of the couch ONLY. Wanna go wild? Paint the wood trim red or pink!
    A new site is where you can design your own fabrics and have them printed in small quantities!

  11. Very pretty sofa!
    My top three are:
    1. black and white viney one
    2. Turquoise with the brown circles and squares
    3.The beigey looking one with the dark green (?) squares

  12. I like the soft pink one. And I think it would be easy to match up the pattern when you redo the couch. And white on the wood.

    I just bought a wing back chair to redo - so thanks for the fabric ideas!!

  13. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    Okay, I am back. Here are a few suggestions:

  14. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    I love the one right under "my top ten pics" i think it would loook fabulous in your space!!!!!

    i love your blog, i just bought my first place, and am trying to make it great, on the smallest budget known to man. But i did print out pictures of you new office to have my dad reproduce in the spare bedrrom!!! keep up the great work!!

  15. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    I went straight to the J Caroline site under Ginseng because I love their stuff. I really like Pink Spade Damask.

  16. Hi Jennifer, I thought of - they've got the pink Amy Butler that you've already picked plus a zillion other different designs. Most of the fabrics are broadcloth but there are some linens in between. Lots of the patterns are a bit nursery-ish (is that a word?), though... Anyway, you might find something for this project - or for later! Trudi

  17. I like the black and white x's! Fun! I bought a couch similar to that at an estate sale last year. It had "$300 or best offer" on it so I put an insanely low bid of $50 on it and they called the next day saying that I got it! I look forward to recovering it some day - for now it's wrapped up in the garage :).

  18. Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to update you all and say that i've been reading ALL the comments, so THANK YOU!
    I realized that some of you were having a difficult time describing the fabric from my top 10 selections, that is totally my fault....I just ADDED numbers to make things a lot EASIER.... incase you wanted to select one of those. REMEMBER you can always refer me to another source or LEAVE A LINK TO A FABRIC you recommend... I love all the feedback so keep it coming. will be back later on to read more, thanks. : ))))

  19. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    how fun would these prints be?
    i like the grand scale of this pattern & the lighter blue keeps it from looking too busy. gorgeous with the color of the wood frame & would be so easy to add red or pink throw pillows.
    this one in the cherry or the green would keep your sofa versatile. the pattern is still graphic yet small enough that from a distance it almost looks like a solid texture.

    and they are organic to boot!
    that sofa is a great find! make sure to post the "after" version whichever fabric you choose! :)

  20. Take a look at these sites... they are "to the trade" only and wholesale pricing is what it's all about:
    any other sites that sell wholesale, I personally purchase form these two companies often.

    If you have a decorator ask them to help you... if you don't, contact me... I can help you!

  21. I would agree with a1legra from above. Check out

    They are just lovely organic fabrics and they also make fabulous wallpapers as well. I would personally go for the Adelaide print. It is "Large scale, elegant juxtaposition of Japanese blossom and Mod Green Pod’s signature sprout." It comes in Cherry/Mushroom...just enough color punch for a large piece of furniture.

    Good luck.

  22. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    I choose number 1. I love the orange and I prefer the white space it has over number 9. Good Luck and it will look awesome with any of these choices. What a great deal!!!

  23. Oh I love your choices - Numbers 1 or 10 are my top picks.

    I love fabric!! So I definitely have some favourite fabrics places:

    Superbuzzy -
    Lara Cameron -
    Kirsten Doran Design -
    Duckcloth -
    Hollabee -

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  25. Wow thanks for all the FAB links! AND to all of you who posted links of sites I hadn't even heard of....thanks for the intro.

    Will post an update soon of perhaps other fabrics i like..!!

  26. AnonymousJuly 01, 2008

    I like no. 1 & no. 10; for your couch, my guess no. 10 would be good; the classic design of the couch vs the black design would make an interesting juxtaposition. (you might have to paint the brown of couch with another colour, i assume) Again, it'll go very well with your personality, methinks. :)


  27. Wow, I can't believe you got that amazing couch for that price!!!! Number 6 of your choices seems very you - pretty, bright and cheery!

  28. #7 is super cute! Would look great with some bright colored pillows!

  29. They are all lovely. First I thought #8, because it looks like it's brown and blue, which are my favorite combo, but I think that #6 would be an even better choice - so modern, a great contrast the lines of that couch.

  30. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    1 & 9 together!

  31. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    I'm a big fan of number 4. It can be spruced up so many ways! I'd paint the woodwork in white and then cover in the pink and accessorize with some red and pink cushions. Gorgeous!

  32. I love, love your blog...
    You are so nice, rs.
    Beijos, Kiss

  33. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    I love the sofa. As for the fabris they're all nice... Hmmmm... This is hard! I'd say number 4 but then again they are all nice. Perhaps not the most practical one but who cares!

  34. Hi Jociane,
    Welcome & thanks so much for sending all that LOVE this way : )
    Hope to see you again around here.

  35. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    Oh and as I'm Swedish I just feel the need to mention this ;-). If you have an old IKEA sofa that you want to pimp there's a company called that sells slipcovers. Not that many great fabrics to be honest but I do like one of them a lot. It's called stockholm stripe, i would team it with some hot pink cushions.

  36. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    I choose number 9. I think it would look great with some coordinating pillos. Leave the wood natural- it's gorgeous!

    maumauisginger at gmail dot com

  37. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    I love #8 for this style of couch. It's modern yet still sticks with the retro feel of the couch. Good luck in choosing & what a great find! My latest find were some free, oval frames that I painted &netted for earrings & hung by my vanity! Nothing like a good find : )

  38. Hi Jen!
    I love #10 and now with your new post the "c" is competing with 10. I would also suggest nouveau bouquet from Anna Maria Horner's drawing room collection. I think it goes with you as well! As for the wood I love how the white shabby chic colored wood looks! Here is a link to the other fabric:

    Good luck! This is exciting to see the before and after!!

  39. Because of the Victorian style of the sofa, I love #2 as both a contrast (temporally) and a complementary to the color scheme of the room. The color and pattern would make the couch pop, especially against the wood of the arms and legs.

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  41. Hi, i have been through the process and you can see what i did here:

    Pink corduroy and gold legs worked for me. My other matching sofa was done in red velvet and I ddid the matching chairs in pink/red flocked fabric. Fantastic but not v child friendly! Good luck with yours.

  42. AnonymousJuly 03, 2008

    What a fab sofa Jennifer. I am going to throw a spanner in the works and suggest that you buy linen, and hand paint or stencil it. That would give you an option of applying pattern or motif to part of the upholstery but not all. You can also mix the exact paint colour required. You could look at the designs on Ordering custom sizes is an option. I would be tempted by supersize pattern or Chinoiserie.

  43. Hi Jennifer!
    What about:
    Flutter in the brown?

    Paint the frame kind of a white washy white.

    Then pillows in any color: Pink, Turquoise.

    So many fun choices! Hard to pick one.

  44. girl...I heart your blog!..
    Love the ideas and the inspiration you share... For the Sofa, I think number 8 is the perfect one. Love the color and pattern..i think it fits well with the shape and style of the sofa...

  45. Based on the purse in your picture, I think you should go with #4. It is subtle, yet unexpected, yet completely fitting.

  46. I am soooo jealous, I would definitely do that red printed one, I think it would look awesome with your Unoin Jack flag pillows, you have such a way with color, you inspire me so much and if I did not say it before I just love your blog. The colors here make me happy

  47. I love #9. So beautiful. I just found the same couch on craigslist and I want to get it, but it's $350! Boo! Hoo! At $125, you got a great deal!!!

  48. AnonymousJuly 05, 2008

    Check out
    The blue/pink moroccan fabric on the front page of their site is my fave!

  49. My favorite is #4! So pretty and simple. Great sofa!

  50. nice collection

  51. This seems like a great site for fabrics, they also have a sale going on.


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