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Apartment Therapy always impresses me with their content, this one in particular caught my eye. Perhaps because its such a creative space ... Situated in Los Angeles this 1,200 sq. ft loft was built in 1905. However, this wasn't a residential space back then, it was the Pacific Electric Building, a space used as a terminal and an office for the downtown streetcar operations. Get this, It was supposedly LA's first skyscraper, wow!! To see more go here.

For me, decorating a space with your own art (art that you made) is so personal and meaningful. I have quite a few pieces in my own home that I painted.
The couple that lives here, Anne Faith Nicolls & Jacob Arden McClure are great artists as you will see throughout their loft. Great job to both of them for making this space their own. To see more go



  1. I like the mix with Eames chairs and the old wooden table. Mixing styles make the difference. I adore it.

  2. oh, i completely agree -- you need to include things that you made yourself. this space looks so fun!
    - Jessie -


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