Many Thanks.....

Thanks to all these blogs for mentioning MadeByGirl on their blogs, always nice to see! Please visit their sites for more interesting blogging.

*Above COSMO GUY- I'm really lovin his blog, its about fashion, celebrity, and LOTSA Sex & the City.
He has even interviewed all the girls, can you believe that? You can listen to the interview on his site.

* Above the Wishlist worthy blog - check out what they consider worthy from around the world.

*Above Honey Lamb and I - cute little blog by a gal named Heather!

*Above Modern Craft BLOG- a blog about production techniques and art appreciation.


  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2008

    :) thanks for the shout out Jennifer, your too sweet! Keep up the amazing work on your blog!!

  2. Hello You!

    You're sooo WELCOME...!
    Thanks for the compliment too.

  3. you are too cool!!! we cannot thank you enough for all the "green work" you do. keep it up, we all love it!!


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