For little girls....

OH AND FOR THE LITTLE BOYS TOO! My boxer, Darla wouldn't stop trying to sneak around (as you can see) the little colored zebra prop I use. She wants it for herself, but I feel bad because I can't give it to her....its not dog proof! : (



  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2008

    Love it ox

  2. oh yes- my favourite as well, I bought one for my friends new little baby daughter Mollie! Sent all the way to little Adelaide in Australia - Thank you again! x

  3. i colors reminded me of jelly beans and then the picture fully loaded and what is at the bottom? jelly beans!!! love it!!! when i have kids i am coming to you for these!!!

    i bet with all the love stuff in the SATC movie that you will be selling the hell out of your love prints too!

  4. just got back from a mini vacation...and these last few posts have kept me jumping from here to there to there for bursts of inspiration...

    just the thing i need when my head is so full of sand, i think...

  5. I love the poster, it would be pefect in my little daughters room.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend:-)


  6. AnonymousJune 14, 2008

    That customizing idea is so much fun! Children really appreciate it when something beautiful has their own name on it!

  7. You are too smart. These will go like hotcakes!

  8. These would like right in a little girl or boys room - so funky!

    ACS x

  9. Kimberlee,
    Yes, i remember that one ....for Mollie.
    Glad you sent it your friend, they really make nice gifts!

  10. i love it...... what a perfect gift!

  11. Super beautiful, as everything you do!

  12. so cute -- great idea!
    - Jessie -


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