1. First reaction was just wow! I like that look a lot and the large windows give the place such a bright and open feel.

  2. I like that place!... and your blog too. When you live in parisian small places, it makes dream! When some of my US friends come to visit me they're always amazed by the fact everything is smaller here..

  3. that light is amazing, I'd be in constant awe for months.
    - Jessie -

  4. Hi Jennifer -

    Love love love your blog! So inspirational! It would be an honor to be linked - I'll do the same for you! :)


  5. Hello Natalie,
    Thanks a bunch , i enjoyed your reading blog ...so thanks for the link : )
    Hope to see you around here again!

  6. Hey Sarah....I ALSO said WOW when i saw this place and those WINDOWS...its like one entire wall. It seems like its not that big of a loft but its so cozy looking still.

  7. Hi Petitepagne,
    I didn't know that most places in PARIS were small...when we open magazines here in the US it seems they photograph mostly large Parisian apartments! Anyway, I STILL would love to go there! : )


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