Just in time for SPRING!!!! MadeByGirl is launching this new digital print called: ' I love hUe". This 'classic' color wheel (featured in this design below) was pioneered by Johannes Itten in the mid 1900s. Itten developed a new kind of color wheel that changed the way color was seen. This wheel is still in use today and you can now hang it in your office, home, kid's room or even give it away as a gift! The art will be available in 3 sizes & start at $45. Coming soon to my shop! (Click on photos for larger images)



  1. Jennifer,

    Thank you for visiting my site. I love this print, and really enjoyed going through all of your posts. Your work is wonderful. I'll be back again.

    Lisa at Lisa Teague Studios

  2. i always wanted to frame the color wheel for my office!!! :)
    i actually just wrote a blog on colorful interiors by Ghislaine Vinas - you'd probably like it. hehe

  3. Great job!

    OOOH i really like this one! I'd like to purchase it, so will come back to see when it is available. Have a great day Jen!

  4. Oh wow, thanks so much! I cant wait to get this piece into my shop- very sooooon and JUST in time for the awesome SPRING weather, where the colors start to pop up onto the trees again.... I love spring!

  5. thanks :-)
    i cleanded up - Frühjahrsputz - in english? aaaaaah: spring finery

  6. Hi Kathryn,
    Yes... looks much CLEANER , good job! : )

  7. stunning site!

    adoring i love hue...

    seriously, you make me want to do more!

  8. Amazing print! love it!

  9. Awww, thankS Nay -K.. !

    SUPER big smile over here!
    : )))))))))))))))))))))


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