Real Creative

I ran across one of these shots on Decor 8 last week and totally loved it! The girl in the shot is Claire, shes a Melbourne-based stylist for the awesome 'Real Living Australia Mag'! She's the girl who adds life to the pages of so many of those shots you see when you open up Real Living. You can check out her own blog at: Styling with Friends. My message to Claire is "Stop making these pages shine, I'm spending all my money on your magazine! JUST KIDDING, great job"!


  1. Hi!

    I just luv you blog and I just had to give you this addy to check out this cool wallpapers:)

    Love, Sarah

  2. You know, this kinda stuff makes me want to burst with excitement. I really am nuts for it. She is super-cool-talented. Wow. Congrats on the mention in Real Living Australia. You really do deserve it. Big things to come!

  3. Hello, I saw this magazine! These pictures were great!
    Congrats on the press!


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