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What a smart site! "How Green Is Your Bag?" They carry a collection of Earth-Friendly bags that are coated with jute for easy cleaning! These bags are great because you can keep them in the trunk of your car for shopping trips! That is what I do every time I shop, and its such a good feeling! They hold 3 to 4 times more groceries than plastic bags. If you DON'T have some of these, I encourage you to purchase 3-4 of them depending on how MUCH you shop! Please take a look at this link: Small Changes for ideas on what YOU CAN DO.



  1. oh, i like these. i have several chico bags because they fold up small enough to fit in your purse. but, these are cute for clothes shopping since they are more structured. better than carrying around a reusable trader joes bag at the mall :-)

  2. I totally agree, way better than carrying those trader joe bags...I like that they made them more stylish but obviously green that other people will take notice.

  3. Love these bags! Great post.


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