Ever felt this way about a guy?

Here's an excerpt from the 'Hope Dies Last' blog. Her writing is so exceptional, I find myself going back for more. She writes this below in a post she calls "Forgotten" , however you have to read the entire post to really know the true meaning of what I've posted here.

“Do I really need to ask or will you talk about it?”
“Talk about what?”
“The Man”
“I’m not sad anymore. I’m just angry.”
“Because he’s like a con artist. You know? Like one of those people that gains the trust of an old woman by being all sweet and then steals her fucking handbag.”

See what I mean.....


  1. I can't believe I've never seen this blog before (I know lots of her readers). It's sooo good. Thanks :)


  2. Hi Sues,
    I know...her blog should be out there more..she is such a great writer.
    Glad you liked it!


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