1. I love how rich the colors are in the painting, really stand out against the white wall. The frames give it a simple yet interesting touch. Good job!

  2. This could be the start of beautiful pictures as the flag picture is waiting for them and they could be English funny things you come across or English flowers , birds or what about English cakes or teapots.
    If you want to see my art its at,
    http://fabricholic.blogspot .com

    Take Care Jill

  3. Jennifer-
    Personally, I think you did a fantastic job with the use of space for this wall. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back for sure thanks!

  4. i've always wanted a wall of empty frames.
    beautiful work!

  5. Looks fab! I love the look of empty frames. I think it's great as is. bx


  6. I received your cards (chandelier & rococo chair) and i love them.
    I just open a blog and wrote about your amazing work @ http://whatswrongwithbeing.blogspot.com/

  7. Hello Artopia,

    I thought about placing some photos within the frames...but the thought didn't last long. Maybe down the road a bit when i want to change things up a bit. thanks for dropping by and commenting. : )

  8. Hiya Belinda & Cynthia!

    i really wanted to see what people thought, so glad you like it the way it is. Thanks!

  9. EVA,

    Wow, thanks sooo much, you're awesome!
    The chandelier cards are so cute, i'm glad you like them! ENJOY. : )

  10. I am TOtally with you on the Union Jack - Absolutely love it! Great Painting! Love how you grouped the frames around it. For some reason, something black and glossy popped in my mind and I think it could be an option to making the Union Jack stand out more.

  11. It looks super cool! If its ok...I might "borrow" this idea for my lil' Fashionista sister's room (16 yrs. old)It will look really good above her bed. She is going to London for Christmas and it would be a nice "Welcome Home" gift for her!

  12. I think it would look even better if 2-3 of the frames had something in them, like inside the bottom, so not actual photos, if you get me...


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