Art project for my home

I took on a small side project of painting a UNION JACK onto an old canvas I've had in my home for a year now. Here I am putting it all together. It turns out it wasn't a small project, it took me a few hours to get this done! But in the end I was pleased. I have been trying to add more ART into my home and I love making my own paintings because they are so personal and it gives me a sense of accomplishment & joy every time I see it on my wall. Speaking of Union Jack, check out my recycled and colorful Union Jack greeting cards via my shop.

The ugly red and green design (above) which I painted over!

Yay! It's all white now (above) and this is just the beginning!

This beautiful shot (above) is my guide.....

Even my boxer wanted to check out the artwork, although it took me awhile he got sleepy!

Well here it is, sorry the pic is so blah....but it was night time already. I will have a decent picture soon!


  1. snörsl krörksel möre smö :-D
    that means:
    your dog is sweet!!! ;-)

  2. very nice! i love creating artwork for my house too. and getting help from pets makes the project complete. what a cute pup!

  3. Oh I hope you decide to participate in my "Show Me Your Wall" project and you'll include this. Very cool!

  4. Hello Marilyn
    As soon as i set the space up for it on my wall..and the things that will go around this pic i will be glad to email it to you....keep in touch! Thanks!

  5. Yes, thats Danny in the back ....hes my older boxer....he doesn't care for pictures much. ha!

  6. Wow, this looks like it took a lot of work! It turned out great though!

  7. p.s. that was swedish :-*

  8. hoorah for blighty!
    we love the uk and all it's miserable weather. ;)


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