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Found this today on a friend's website, unfortunately they didn't know where they got it from. That is too bad because I love it! Its so touching and I wanted to share it with all of you. Have a great weekend!  
 Andrejordan is the creator of this very cool artwork, please give credit to andre. 


  1. don't i wish everyone would think like that! beautiful...

  2. very pure, and natural, and certainly makes you think not only about how we view others, but how often we worry about those trivial things about ourselves, when it ultimately comes down to our thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
    - Jessie -

  3. Hiya Jessie,
    I know what you mean. I love this pic and the words are very touching!

    Jen Ramos
    'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

  4. Beautiful - I wish it were mine

  5. Andre Jordan:

  6. Hey Patri, Thanks for the link and glad to know there is a name behind it! I visited that site and found lots more interesting work wow!!


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