Michael Weber NYC

What a nice break so far. With all the Holiday parties I attended I feel quite relaxed. However now we are heading into a whole new year 2008. Time flies. I remember exactly where I was when 2000 came and went. Now its 8 yrs later! I feel great these days and its a huge satisfaction to come across people who inspire and enrich your life. One person who inspires me and many others (I'm sure) is photographer Michael Weber. He resides in New York City and has been one of my favorite photographers. His work is breathtaking and that is why so many publications have featured his photos. Here are some residential interior images, wow!  Take a look at his amazing website for more. Michael Weber.  * FOR NOW HAVE A HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2008 !!!!



  1. oh so beautiful... and chic... and sleek. I'd kill for a window seat like that!
    - Jessie -

  2. is work is superb, i've seen it in several publications and have been a fan for awhile now. The shot of the apt. with the large window at the top is just breathtaking.

    p.s. luv your blog by the way!!

  3. YOU ARE SO BACK! I am very glad I stopped in to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I look forward to many visits in 2008!

    And I also wish you all the best with your new-ish stationary venture! You are very very talented!

  4. Dear jen , great find! - I love his shots - you've certainly got the best of his work here! Thanks for sharing this excellent find!;-)

  5. What fabulous photos and spaces!! Wow! I love the way the heels are displayed and how the dining table is so reflective it's almost like a mirror.


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