2008 is already here !

Its interesting when you think about how its already 2008 in a various parts of the world like Hong Kong, Australia, Tokyo, India etc. Yet here we are in America still waiting for the next year to arrive and some will see it first on the east coast while others like myself on the west coast get to see it 3 hours later! My resolution is simple to keep making more efforts to live in a cleaner environment, by making some positive changes in my own life as well as try to influence and inspire others.

I've made many small efforts in my home such as changing all the toilet paper/paper towels to recycled paper. (Yes, they are available in your local supermarkets). I bring my own canvas bags to markets when i shop, I don't use plastic bags anymore. I keep a recycle bin in my office for any paper used. Recycle bottles etc. I disconnect a few things in my home that aren't in use and more. Like I said, its simple and anyone can do this. I wish you all much success and a healthy and HAPPY 2008! This awesome image is from the MSNBC website, people officially celebrating 2008 in India. So pretty!

***UPDATE- It is only a few hours until 2008 and I am headed out to a friend's house party. I was just watching the NEW YORK city countdown on CNN with Anderson Cooper. I have such a CRUSH on him I admit it. But then again, who doesn't it ?

He's adorable, and his reports are always super interesting + I heard he lives in a super cool top floor apartment in NY that has an outdoor jacuzzi on the roof. Nice! Anyhow, I had someone take this quick pic, we thought it would be funny to send into CNN, so we did. Hopefully he'll see it and get a laugh out of it. Gotta go - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. hello Jennifer,
    Wishing you much success too and a happy new year!!
    GREAT post!


  2. Happy new year! I just wanted to say I love your blog!

  3. Hello ladies,
    Thank you for the lovely comments, hope you'll be back and that YOU also will have a great new year!!!

  4. Ooohh, let us know if anything happens with Anderson! Too cute! Happy New Year Jen! May you have a wonderful and prosperous year!

  5. Haha.. you're hilarious Jenn!
    Happy New year!

  6. thank you so much!
    HEY Jen....sorry couldn't help myself....!

  7. he IS a cutie patootie! you're a riot!


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