MadeByGirl at the Stationery Show NYC

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be exhibiting at the National Stationery show in New York City this coming May 18-21. After the New Year, I will post my booth number onto my blog with more info. I can't wait for this huge show, its so exciting! I've only attended once awhile back and at the time I didn't have my own booth, so very happy that I will this time. Its been a uphill climb with all the things I've got going on in my life right now but I'm not quitting. Here I am during a promotional shoot with my cards. If anyone wants to use these pics to post onto their blog, please do so. But make sure you link back to me. Hope everyone is having a nice week so far!!


  1. Dear Jennifer,

    thank you for your lovely coment on my blog!

    Drop by often!!! I really love your blog, it´s sweet!


  2. Thanks Marina for your nice comment..i will drop by your blog again of course :)

  3. Hi there Jennifer!
    That is great news, I will actually be going to the Stationary show as a guest, and will make it a point to drop by your booth!
    Thanks for letting me know. Glad to see you are back, I really enjoy your blog!!!

    -Anna ----

  4. Hey Anna,
    Thanks for dropping by....I will be posting my booth # at some point. However I do look forward to meeting you at the show.
    All the best,

  5. this is Cynthia and I wanted to say Congratulations on getting a booth at the NYC show. I'm sure your cards will stand out, they look awesome so far! I will be ordering some real soon for my husband's bday!

    p.s. Nice to see that they are 100% recycled.

  6. Congrats! You look beautiful, and keep striving, it's how we conquer our dreams. I keep this message on my on my mirror as it's the first message I read daily.

    Please do keep us informed, I'd love to perhaps meet you and May is perfect timing, as Linea Pelle will be done, and so will my Spring semester!!

  7. Congrats. Great your cards.

  8. aww thanks alot : )

    So exciting!

  9. congrats! Your stuff is so colorful and fun! :)

  10. Good Luck - wear comfortable shoes!

  11. cool! i hope to see you long as i am organized enough to make it there...that is. : )

  12. You look stunning!

    You should 100% be a model, definitly...

    Keep up the writing, I enjoy your blog so much !



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