Ok, may I borrow a couple million to buy .....

I would definitely buy this place. As I was looking through NY Magazine.com site I noticed that Designer Betsey Johnson's AMAZING NYC 1600 sq ft. apartment is now on the market! I couldn't find any photos of it, but surfing around I came across these pictures of the interior via one of my newest (favorite) blogs : All Things Bright and Beautiful. Check this awesome view from this high rise apt of hers, Wow! Sorry the pics are so small will be looking around the internet for larger pics.


  1. May be some bloggers could buy it together . May I be one of them ?

  2. hehe, no kidding, we could all stay there different times of the year as a vacation home. Wouldn't that be amazing??

  3. Wowwww. Now that I've seen this, how can I possibly be happy living in a closet-of-an-apartment in New York?

  4. no kidding TF, AND NY has sooo many of those closet apartments...hehe

  5. That is the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen...

    It's so cozy and personal, yet so stylish. I love how all the pieces and colors combine well together.

    Just WOW


  6. *lends you couple million dollars* but remember, after you're bored with the place, let me know! i want to stay there for a while too :D


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