I admire when celebrities use their fame to do worthwhile things. Here is Entourage's leading sexy guy Adrian Grenier working on a project for Discovery Channel 's upcoming network 'Planet GREEN', that I can't wait to see! Supposedly he's signed on to do a 13 episode series for this eco-show. The program is going to focus on remodeling people's homes with green features and will have appearances by many experts in the GREEN field who will go out and help single families, small businesses, college dorms and film/tv sets green their spaces. Sounds like a great idea to me! FOR NOW, I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks to: Eco Razzi.


  1. anything with adrian in it i will watch! i love all the green tips and resources on your blog :)

  2. GLAD TO HEAR, i know this is late in responding but I am happy to do whatever i can to try to inspire and help others become aware of what we can all do....


  3. I know it's a late response but...

    This sounds SO great Jennifer! Any ideas about when Planet Green will be up and running? Thanks goodness we seem to be moving in the right direction!


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