Not only is he Gorgeous but.....

I'm in the middle of watching the Larry King Special tonight where Brad Pitt is the guest. I wanted to express what I thought of his mission to get the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans rebuilt. I think its quite admirable. Its a shame that a Hollywood actor is putting this all together with 5 Million dollars of his own money & our president couldn't go there until a week after the flooding. Larry asked Brad why the 'Pink'? he said they wanted something loud and PINK seemed to scream the loudest. So all the homes will be Earth Friendly, which is impressive! Good job. If you go to the site, you'll see how amazing it is to go through these homes in a 3d system and choose what you want to donate within the home. Whether it is a new refrigerator, new lighting, new linoleum floor etc. I will definitely be donating this Christmas to help these people gain their homes back. The site to visit is: NOLA


  1. this man impresses me even more now. I saw the special and nice to see you wrote about it.

    -ANNA ;p

  2. impressive the things he is doing and seems pretty down to earth and i like that he always thanks and recognizes the people around him that are involved. will be really nice to see what comes out of this project and if he can evolve it into something even bigger.

  3. just move on, New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen, and how can "uncle Sam" get in there if the whole place was flooded. An since when is the government a source we can depend on. "GOVERNMENT WORKER" mean anything to you.


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