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Creative workplaces are impressive and if I worked in an environment that was this creative, I'd be inspired to excel twice as much! So does this type of environment inspire employees and in turn lead the company to a higher level of success? Well, perhaps. I mean its no secret that companies like 'Google', 'Pixar', 'Urban Outfitters' and many others are doing so well in this shaky economy. The office cubicle we know so much about has become boring and uninspiring, I mean when was the last time you heard someone say they were inspired by the architectural design within their office???....

I think architects that once thought the outside was the most important part of the structure of a building are re-thinking things. You have these companies like Google who hire architects to concentrate on the interior and consider the practices of an organization as an essential prerequisite for upcoming design briefs....

At companies like Pixar, designers are allowed to design their work place as they wish. At Red Bull in London, they have an indoor slide so employees can slide from one floor to another as you can see in the picture at the top of this post. In the successful Google offices, engineers and developers have full freedom. Not only can bicycles be found on premises but dogs and cats are quite usual. Now how's that for cool ? Do you think office designs such as these would help you excel in your work place? More of this at:
Smashing Magazine.


  1. I had a full size American Diner built into our offices with all the kit including popcorn makers, milk shake machines, diner furniture etc. Sadly no one worked any harder.

  2. Thats quite interesting...I still wonder because I would think I would be more productive hehe

  3. i think it depends on what kind of business it is - professional doesn't always mean stuffy... and also if all the workers have their own space - some may find it distracting. Overall, though, I think it's a great approach, and can put you in a more open mind-set (especially a clothing company's office) ...nice post!
    - Jessie -

  4. There was a similar feature this month in Philadelphia Magazine. I had no idea Urban Outfitters stayed in Philly (they were planning on moving to NC for cheaper space) and had such an awesome worksite to boot!

    There were a lot of great places to work there but it did leave me wondering how motivated are people compared to how much such environments draw slackers. I'd guess that management think these things through however and look for those types of things during the interview process.

  5. Those are some fabulous photos of work places. Here in the Silicon Valley, probably the most famous worksite is the "Googleplex". Few companies have the $$ that Google does but what they do seems to work in helping their employees' creativity by making their lives easier - they have a doctor onsite, gourmet chef with free organic food all day, daycare onsite, free shuttles for commuters and the list goes on. Engineers are given a time each week to work on their fun projects. I think something associated with Google Earth came from one of those projects.

    I do agree that it depends on hwat kind of business it is. In the case of Google, they do have a very in-depth hiring process. They only want the creme of the crop. In my company, they allow employees to bring their dogs to work and pet insurance is one of the benefits. You always know when someone from the east coast is in our offices for the first time, they're always so surprised at the dogs.

    Great post!


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