1. Oh! This issue was great. That tree was such a standout on that cover, I also remember it well and want one of those for the Holidays!

    Loving your blog!!

    Thanks, Stacey L.

  2. I almost had my husband talked into letting me buy a pink tree, but he just wouldn't let me. I guess he didn't want everyone who drove by our house seeing it. lol I found a 7ft skinny tree for $50!!! I am sure they are all gone now. Oh well, maybe next year. hehehehe


    love all your new products!!! Very creative.

  3. This was one of my favourite issues of BluePrint, and it made me really consider a pink tree this year as well!

  4. yes, that tree is so girly and fabulous. but my boyfriend would object i think!

  5. I know my boyfriend would probably have something not so nice to say about this tree, oh well. Single girls could really enjoy this! Again, this tree is very pretty.

    Like this blog, i just discovered it today! will be back.

  6. I love the idea of a "pink" tree, it's so different, and if there is one thing I like when it comes to the hols and decorations is different.

    I say go for it Jennifer, why not, pink {to me} is the colour of champions heheh.

  7. I often wisit you. But I`m not good in english, som I dont use to coment on your blog. But I have to say I love it!:)

  8. I love that tree! The whole room just seems so dreamy... don't you want to wear a frilly dress and just on the floor to admire all the gorgeous gifts?

    Great blog!

  9. Hi VILLA,
    Thank you for visiting...I hope you can understand most of my posts...they usually aren't that long, so that is good :)

  10. Kristin,
    No kidding, the tree is so pretty, can you believe i still haven't decided. I may just use an old tree i have in garage and paint it. So I don't go out and buy more things ha!


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