The 2 Bandits

OK, Friday is upon glad.  I need FRIDAY.  You see, I've been working so much I think my right hand is developing carpal tunnel. Not good. Anyone else out there overworking??!?

Anyhow, if you haven't heard of The 2Bandits - I'm here to introduce you to this super duper cool & unique brand. Tamar is the young designer behind this collection of jewels - she is a certified gemologist who also attended Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC.  Her collection is pretty identifiable, with funky shapes & a bohemian/vintage style. To top it off, it's quite affordable.... ranging from $55 -$298.  The first time I spotted her jewelry was at Rebecca Taylor here in the city - I was totally in LOVE.  I tried on a few pieces & swore I'd get one the next time I went by. Well, lucky me....

2Bandits sent these gorgeous pieces my way - the peakin cuff and the Peakin ring - 2 of my faves, I'm wearing them below! Check out the rest of their stuff here.

Peace out.



  1. I saw you wearing this on Instagram and fell madly in love. They stand out as being different and edgy, I love that.

  2. Love the Eli earrings! You can dress up or down!

  3. Great blog :) I'm following and waiting for more :)

  4. These are gorgeous! Ordering now. Have a great weekend Jen. xo.

  5. I LOVE this! Thanks for the introduction Jen :) That ring is number 1 on my list... amazing lookbooks too. xx

  6. So Wonder Woman! I love these!


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