FOOD: Preserving Summer

Hi MadeByGirl readers, it is Alison here from Heart of Gold! Today I am sharing with you some  products that can help you preserve the goodness of summer. Is anyone else in disbelief that we are already near the end of August? I feel like the summer months have just been flying by at record speed. It is my goal to really savor these last months of beautiful weather.

One easy way to do this is to preserve your favorite summer produce like peaches, berries, cucumbers or radishes by turning them into jam or pickling them for later use.  If you haven't noticed this has become quite the culinary trend, from cooking magazines to your own grocery store shelves that seem to be stocked with mason jars and books on home preservation.  Here are some of my product picks to squeeze every last bit out of your summer!



  1. I so badly want to start making homemade jams and jellies!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.


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