Cheetah Print Obsessed

I'm sooo fascinated with cheetah prints - I have several items in this pattern. How about you??
Heck, I have leopard print stuff too. Well, I was INSPIRED to create a painting for MADE BY GIRL for the very first time...enter: Sitting Cheetah.

I made this piece freehand with a paint brush - nothing more.  I also got inspired to add some cheetah print items along to get you in the mood for this new print. The Jerome Dreyfuss popoche clutch is one of my faves & I actually got as a gift for my Birthday!!   

So, do you like cheetah print?? Would you be daring enough to wear it as a pair of pants??!?  For me, I'd do both!

Speaking friend Ashlina from The Decorista blog was the first to hang the print! So awesome to see it in her office even before it was available for purchase here.  Ashlina also has our Metallic gold love print hanging in her office - you spot it?  LOVE the way she decorated the whole space - so chic, don't you think??

Check out the gorgeous gallery wall - and I also love how she displays her FAITH with a bible scripture on her inspiration board - beautiful.  Where did she buy all her pretty office items you're wondering?!?!?!? 

Well, you can get Ashlina's style by visiting her blog here.

 image of model via native fox /// jerome dreyfuss large popoche clutch /// iphone case /// salt & pepper shaker via out of africa

-Bottom 2 images via Michelle James Photography 



  1. Totally digging the Cheetah print!

    Check out the BAD blog...

  2. Ahhhh. JEN! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. You are the sweetest. I am in LOVE with my cheetah print + my LOVE print too...
    YOU MUST COME OVER!!!!! lets plan a date

  3. I love both cheetah and leopard :) Great post.

  4. To answer your questions: yes i do like the cheetah print. And yes i would wear it. For as long as i remember i love animal prints. Actually my first perchase with my first paychec ever was a pair of leopard print shoes. And that was 18 years ago. Some things stay in fashion.

  5. @ASHLINA, of course! and yes we need to plan something soon..we are just too busy all the time lol

  6. @christina: that is SO true!! I had some shoes from yrs ago as well...but i wore them too many times and no longer own them..but yes, it seems to stay in trend.

  7. The booties are to die for! But how do I chase my 3 kiddos with these ;) ? I was just eyeing a pair of flats with a leopard print... check it out ;)
    Pointy ballet flats.. drool!

  8. My two favourite bloggers in one post! :) you girls rock.

  9. Lost this post! First off, you are an amazing artist! I love all of the new pieces and I too share your love of cheetah print! Second, LOVE Ashlina. Her blog, her style, her office.... ALL a-mazing!

    xxo Fallon


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