FASHION: Mid-Summer Pick me ups

Hi everyone - it's Kat from With Love From Kat. I've loved being a contributor for Jen these past 6 months and am excited to see what the next contributors bring to her blog!  My last post for MBG is called "Mid summer pick me ups."  We're halfway through summer, and if you're feeling like me, than you're tired of your summer wardrobe.  I love these fun pieces that can easily "zhush" up any outfit without breaking the bank - most of these items are under $100!  Thanks for reading my posts and don't forget to keep up with me here, here, and here!

-post by kat tanita



  1. Oh yes I could use a summer pick me up right about now. I bought 2 pair of sunnies at Ann Taylor last week they were having a sale.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. Beautiful Juicy Couture necklace!

  3. Love this. I need all those blouses.
    xo Nancy


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