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Welcome back everyone! Hope you're weekend went well.

As for me, I've been putting together a gallery wall in my office for quite sometime now. I managed to sell the art that was here & now I'm adding some of my own.  This blank wall that stand over my desk area needs some art - & fast.  I put together these pieces below but still have a few more to add soon...stay tuned!

Most of the art below is my own- which you can purchase at MADE BY GIRL or Cocoa & Hearts - minus the Kate Moss print, which was a gift!

The lighting is the Meurice floor lamp by Jonathan Adler

This is one of the newest print at MADE BY GIRL - just added today! It's in french "NON & OUI indecis" - English translation is "No & Yes - Undecided" - this print also has a real gold paint swatch across the front.  I like to think it's a mix of MADE BY GIRL & Cocoa & Hearts!  You can buy yours here.

Frames can also be purchased via my shop - this one is the brushed gold frame. 

-images by jen ramos



  1. love this! so cool that you do your own art..

    The Casual Classic

  2. @DANA thanks! I love creating this is a fun project.

  3. I was wondering if the print of the leopard was yours as well? LOVE!

  4. @nikki: The cheetah print is also mine, yes. I will be adding it soon!
    Glad you like it.

  5. love this compilation! that kate moss print is major! it so effortlessly compliments all of your beautiful pieces. can't wait to get my hands on the leopard!


  6. Love it. Can't wait to see it all up!

  7. @Brittany Reynolds Thanks! i know i love that Kate piece...its iconic.

  8. You have the best decor!

  9. Girlfriend that is a killer collection. I worship the Kate print, and can't wait to check out your new prints!

  10. I love gallery walls of art. Im creating one for my kitchen/dining area at the moment with splashes and yellow and gold frames. Half the fun is finding the art and then the frames to suit its a bit of a work in progress, forever evolving :)

  11. @michelle: sounds like that will be nice! Ive never seen it done in a kitchen before. For me, the biggest challenge was selecting the right frames...because i didnt want them all to be the same..

  12. You’ve put together a great collection of artwork and prints to replace the previous pieces. The touches of gold on and inside the frames, add richness and substance on the whole. I’ve always liked how a metallic color or effect can complete a look. In my home and office I have a couple of walls where I have done similar, but mostly with silver tones and with items in box frames – handmade trinkets from my travels, antique jewellery, pages salvaged from old books. I rotate the pieces every few weeks so my eyes never take them for granted!


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