Thank You

Many of you may recall this post I did back in August where I wrote about my 'not so pretty' past, which I have eventually moved passed. I spoke about how the TRUTH sets us free. That statement couldn't be more true.  In John 8:32 Jesus says, “And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.”  I can NOW say with certainty that God is faithful. This is what I've experienced.

I dedicated 100% of profit for 3 days of sales from my business to 2 different charities, Women's Initiative & Children's Cup. It was a PLEASURE to act on what I felt God was directing my heart to do. He used me in a wonderful way to help others, despite the bad others were trying to inflict on me. It's no secret, I believe God is awesome. Below is a thank you note I received from one of the women I was able to assist through my donation.

If you're looking to donate to charities, the ones I listed above are some good ones! THANK YOU so much to all those who wrote emails, who bought from my shop & who commented - plus all my friends, family & husband - I love all of you!

-images by jen ramos

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