Fashion: Shoes For Fall

Hi - it's Casie Mace. As Jen get back from her travels and settles in - I'll be here today. I'm sure I speak for us all when I say, I'm so excited about fall shopping! Truthfully, fall shopping is the only thing that softens the blow of the summer ending. Usually around this time, though, I can't bring myself to invest in too many sweaters and coats--not just yet. 

So I get my pre-fall fix with shoes!! It's so fun to start mixing plums and hunter greens in with the whites and lights of summer. Here's a few fall shoes I've eyeing. How versatile will those fringed western boots be?! And with denim shorts until it's too chilly  to stand it!




  1. i LOVE the Jude by Report - may get them.

  2. ^Jen, I totally agree! Perfect motorcycle boot that's actually a little softer, shorter.


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  4. I'm loving the pointy pump with jeans, blazer, and sweater look this fall! Great post :)
    -jasmine o.

  5. I'm going with the flats this season or ankle boots! I always wake up thinking I'll wear the high ones with skinny jeans but I don't think I found my pair just yet. Totally love the animal print flats!

  6. Stop feeding my obsession! GAH! I have a mouth to feed. Haha. I'm actually on a self-imposed shopping ban during my favourite shopping season..fall! Can you believe it? Ughhh it's so hard. Now I have shoes to dream of tonight. I'm never doing this again! [I'm too stubborn to quit.]

  7. Love all your picks! I'm on the lookout for some new boots :) xo


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