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Hi guys! Drew's back! I've been inspired by Jen's recent moving news & thought I would show you a perfect little living space that would fit her small-living needs in the big city. 

Alvhem Makleri has the PERFECT space to get your ideas rolling for small living quarter ideas. Think lots of white with creative storage units, shelving and touches of color added throughout the space in decor.

Having a SMALL space definitely doesn't mean it can't be functional and stylish! Take a look at these rooms and you'll see how creative and innovative they really get!


Here are a few key items you can look for and purchase when looking to decorate for a small, but design-worthy apartment or living space:

1) Z Gallerie Magazine Tote

2) Anthropologie Hook
3) Urban Outfitters Case
4) Addonovo Sectional

-post by drew humphries



  1. Such amazing decor, loving it all!!

  2. What a coincidence, I recently posted these pictures on my blog!

  3. what a gorgeous flat!!

  4. Nice post! Great blog! I'm your new Follower! :) I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thank's! Kisses from VV!!

  5. This place is beautiful! I tend to appreciate the smaller spaces because you have to make it simple and funstional. And I love that IKEA shelving unit. Had no idea it was IKEA.


  6. Amazing hom

    BUt, what about small spaces for a family? I mean, it is easy to live two in a little appartment, but if you are for... how to organize the space??? maybe a new post??? I need a post like this, ha ha

  7. Love the all white with the pops of color! Looks so streamlined and clean!

    Fabulously Vintage

  8. As small as this space probably is, it's still so light and airy. I love that!

    The Glossy Life

  9. I think decorating a small space is a lot more fun then a large one,because we are forced to be creative rather then impulsive,and that at the best of times requires some ingenuity!

  10. Love the design of this space!

  11. Great ideas! Gorgeous space!
    xo Carla

  12. Gorgeous home! I'm totally going to buy a round table I think, it looks great and I have a small space!

  13. LOVE this apartment, so cute!

  14. Love this space!

    Resto just expanded their big style small spaces line with some really great pieces!

  15. Jen, this is beautiful, I love it and inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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