Design: How To Add Color

Drew here, with a how to on adding color to a room.

There are many ways to incorporate color into a room, but the most important thing to remember is: 
too much color is never too much!

I've provided a few examples on how adding certain elements with color, such as lighting, pillows, furniture, artwork and rugs can really make a complete impact on brightening up a room.

Whether you have lots of lighting or minimal lighting, a bold color used in either a chandelier or floor and table lamps will add such a strong impact to a room. The picture above is a perfect example. The aqua, crystal chandelier becomes the focal point of the entire room.

A simple way to add touches of color to a room is by adding fun and playful, patterned pillows.
They are easy to mix and match and even cheap alternatives to changing up the look and feel of a room.

Feeling bold? Purchase or paint your own furniture. With a neutral background, the furniture will set the stage for a room full of color.

Wanting to spice up your space or leave a unique, lasting impression? Try hanging original works of art and paintings to your wall. There's nothing greater than a full sized painting taking color control over an entire room!

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Rugs tend to be viewed as a neutral foundation. Why not step it up and give your floors a punch of color! Don't just stop at one...add two or three, or even layer rugs to give your room an impressionable statement.

However you decide to use color in your house, be bold and gutsy! 
Nothing shows more personality in a house than bright hues and a colorful layout!

-post by drew humphries



  1. Love those ideas!

  2. I agree! You cannot have too much color ;)
    Fun examples! Loving that blue couch~

  3. Very nice ideas, I like this bright designs so much. We make these kind of rugs at home in Morocco, easy and fun and I have blogged about them once here

  4. Wow that blue couch is just amazing! Just a simple colorful piece in a room can really make a room stand out.

  5. Wonderful colorful post!

  6. Love the aqua chandelier and the rugs. Great pics. Your advices are very useful. A room full of coloures makes me happy. What is your opinion about coloures in different rooms in the house? Do you they have to be the same/the same colour scheme or is it OK to have for example pale blue in one room and bright red in another room. I will appreciate an answeare very much. Love your blog.

  7. So many great pieces here! I love that chevron piece of art.


  8. Great post. I always feel bright color make a room more friendly & inviting Even just adding a row of colorful pillows is simple enough! One day I'd love to change each room into ombre of colors :)

  9. Great colors and great ideas! Glad I got to see this post!

  10. I LOVE the pillows!!!!!! so you think there's never enough color , uh!! hehehe I'll try to think about it each time I go to IKEA then! thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you so much for posting this - I've always been unsure how to approach mixing patterns and throwing many different colors in one room.

    You hear those design "rules" where they say you should only have 3 colors max - does anyone follow that supposed "rule"? What about when mixing patterns?

  12. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm always so unsure about how to approach mixing patterns and how many colors I should have in one room.

    You always hear those design "rules" where you should limit yourself to 3 colors max - does anyone follow that rule? And what about when you're mixing patterns? (should they be the same color?)


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