Design: A Tablescape for Tea

Welcome back! Monday has arrived! How are you? I wonder.... have you EVER thought of having a tea party with friends??? Well...

Drew here, with tablescape inspiration to suit your high tea fancies.
Elegant gold and silver trays, stemware and glassware will make this tea party a sure standout. Touches of lavender and mint in the fabrics enhance the look a bit. To add the feel of an old English countryside be sure to add your charming tea set, fine china teacups and saucers, while serving up scones, crumpets, tiny cucumber sandwiches and of course the finest tea.

From Zara Home:

1) napkin 2) tea set 3) cutlery 4) tray 5) napkins 6) napkin rings 7) tall glass 8) charger 9) plate
10) tablecloth 11) crumpets 12) silver/gold tray

-post by drew humphries



  1. I can't wait to have a tea party with my friends! Maybe for my next birthday?
    I love the gold tray by the way!

  2. Oh yay! I had no idea that Zara launched a home collection. These are beautiful!

  3. Funny I should see this post. Just went out in DC for high tea with my two girls, such a fun time and a great way to catch up! Happy Monday and feel free to stop by anytime...


  4. cute stuff! I love teacups and teapots and am so into gold right now. What a good combo!!

  5. Love gold and white-and the idea of a tea party for friends, haven't done that in awhile!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. I loved Zara home when I lived in London. I wish it was available in the US!

  7. I really wanted to design something that involves a tea since I am really a tea lover or should I say tea addict.


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