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Hey everyone! We FINALLY decided on an apartment today. It wasn't our first choice - but it felt like it was where we needed to be versus what we really wanted. Weird, but true. Anyhow, I'll be selling some furniture & accessories that are currently in my home - simply because I need to adjust to the new living space. It's about 50 sq foot smaller than our current apartment but has a ton more amenities in the building.

Here's a list of what will have to be SOLD - I'll post more items this week!  If it's a bigger item, unfortunately, I cannot ship it. However, if you're willing to drive from another borough to New York City to pick something up - that's more than ok. 

Everything is in GREAT condition - I take care of my things very well, and you are more than welcomed to come see it all for yourself. As for the white french provincial sofa, it has only been used for 9 months - but it's always covered with a large blanket. If you have questions, email me! Thanks!

 above is one of my paintings - cocoa & hearts.

Above also one of my paintings - cocoa & hearts.

 UPDATE: these are the final sale prices:

White Sofa: re-upholstered in white twill, clean, no stains, well maintained. $795. Block pillows not included. 83" long. - SOLD
Zebra Hide: printed on cowhide, 6'x5.5'. $160 - SOLD
Painting: 26"x40" original, acrylic on canvas. $750 - SOLD
Spray Painting: 40"x50" original, gold spray paint and acrylic on canvas. $450
Console: black wood console with silver hardware (table only) 48"x17"x30.5" . $125 - SOLD

Black & Silver studded Lamp: $45 - SOLD
Bangal Jet blk & white Ikat zebra print fabric by P. Kaufmann- 8 yds: $100
Framed Manhattan Print: $45 - SOLD
Harry Allen Piggy Bank: $85  (retails for $125) -SOLD
Artemis Bust - 14"H : $40 (crucifixion not included)- SOLD
Blk & White Hair Hide Rug- good condition: $100 (it's a little curled on the ends - but can be fixed easily - here's how.) SOLD

First come, first serve. Please note, I cannot hold items, unless you make payment via PayPal. Shipping is not included in price.

-bottom 2 images by janis nicolay & top ones are by jen ramos



  1. Love the black console!

  2. I am obsesed with the first painting and the black console! I would be interested to know how much the painting is! :)

  3. So...can you ship the paintings and the zebra rug??? I am interested in both:) When will they be put up for sale? Thanks, Jara

  4. Hi, Jen! I have always loved your zebra print rug; one comparable I've yet to find. Would you be willing to ship? I'm very interested! Thanks so much, Dayna

  5. I'm interested in the black console and the ikea table. How much?

  6. Good luck on the move Jen! Can't wait to see what you do with the new place :). NY amazed me with all of the small-space living!

  7. Congrats on finding a place! Love that jacuzzi bath, now that's going to be hard to give up! Your painting looks great in there. I will have to post that shot on my blog one day. So pretty.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the new place.


  8. I'd buy it all if only I lived in the U.S and not in Sweden ;)

  9. My favorite colors <3

  10. Congrats on finding a place Jen! Moving is always exciting and stressful at the same time isn't it? The promise of a fresh start!! I LOVE the grey sofa you are looking at, it's on my lust list for sure ;)


    Nancy xox

  11. Hi Jen! Great stuff! & glad you found a place too. I hope it all goes well & you find happiness.

    I wondered if you feel the lamp is too big to ship? I am in Utah but I love it. I love other things too but definitely cant drive to New York right now. :)

  12. I love all of it. If only I weren't in Sydney I clean you out. Your painting looks so wonderful above the bath, you really are so talented. Good luck condensing for your new space. Minimizing can be very cleansing!

    Lauren x

  13. So happy for you guys that you found an apartment. Wish I lived in New York to get my hands on that gorgeous white sofa. A little sad that you are selling it, it goes sooo well with your style. Good luck with all the moving. Xo

  14. LOVE that console and what an amazing price! It's one of those classic pieces that could work with modern decor (like your house) or a more traditional home.

    Wish I live closer!


  15. congratulations on the new apartment! I wish I was close so I could get that white sofa! I think it is gorgeous. Best of luck with the liquidation. I know your next place is going to be so inspiring, I can't wait to see what you do.
    xo Nancy

  16. Hey Jen,

    Where did you get your black console table? I'm going to try to track one down here in CA.

    Thank you!

  17. Hi,

    I love the cushions on your sofa. The black ones with white detail. Where abouts did you find these? Hoping I can get my hands on a couple. thanks :)

  18. Hi,

    I love the cushions on your sofa. The black ones with white detail. Where abouts did you find these? Hoping I can get my hands on a couple. thanks :)

  19. Kara; you can get the pillows here:


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