DESIGN: Pantone Color of the Year

Hello MBG readers, its Lisa with Gem Daily how are you enjoying 2015 so far? I have always loved setting new resolutions & starting the year fresh. And it wouldn't be another year without a brand new Pantone color that is completely influencing the design world. I must say I was completely surprised when this year's color marsala was announced-very unexpected but I am loving it! It is the perfect mixture of purple and red and I think it can easily add a level of sophistication and richness to a space.

 Marsala works perfectly with deep taupes and grays and its gem-like quality is perfect when paired with greens and royal blues. Give marsala a whirl in your space and celebrate the color of the year!

one// table lamp
two// votive
three// rug
four// pendant
five// clock
six// armchair
eight// throw blanket

-post by lisa fisbeck



  1. I'm loving 2015 so far, hope you are too :)
    What a lovely colour, and I totally agree it does have a sophisticated kind of feeling
    I really like that clock, and the cushion is pretty

  2. Beautiful colour!

  3. Very pretty! I don't know if I'm ready to go this dark yet but it's beautiful!

  4. One of my favourite colours ~ it gives off a lovely warm feeling!

  5. I can't decide how I feel about this. Maybe because I live in Northern Washington and it's always dark in my house! Haha It's a beautiful color. But I need something brighter!


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