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Hey guys! Are you into movies? My husband I LOVE movies.  He loves action & suspense films, while I prefer horror, suspense & romance, strange combo I know.  For me, my dad got me into watching horror flicks when I was about 7 years old. He enjoyed getting startled by the monster or creepy kid in the films. Go figure.

So today, a NEW film hits the big screen called "The Loft." -  It's a suspense thriller, which I can def get into.  Mat & I are looking forward to seeing this film & seeing how it unravels!  You guys should see it & let us know what you think!  Here's a little synopsis about the film in my own words, then feel free to watch the trailer below for yourself.

The Loft starring Karl Urban & James Marsden , is a suspense thriller about 5 guys sharing a penthouse in the city where they can carry on their most luxurious & sensual fantasties.  It's interesting what could potentially happen when a woman turns up dead in a loft.  The men turn on each other when  they realize that one of them is a killer.  Friendships are torn apart & marriages crumble as you watch human behavior at it's worst.

Official movie trailer here or click below on the video.

You can also get tickets online, which is what Mat & I usually do via Fandango, much, much easier.

Thankfully this is a just a movie and we're just watching it as entertainment and nothing more.  
Anyone else going to see this film?? 

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  1. Horror films are not for me!

  2. I so wanted to see this film, but it's not playing in my city :( Looking forward to hearing about it!

  3. Oh this does look good! I hope to get the chance to see it!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes


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