My Domino Picks

I love Domino magazine. Who doesn't? I've been a long time fan & honestly, my wish is to be featured along with my apartment in one of their issues. Will you root for me? 

But today, I wanted to ask if you were aware that Domino has a shopping section on their site?? I usually visit their shop once-a-week and am always intrigued by the the new additions. Hmmm I can totally see one of my paintings there too, what do you think? I love that they have my girl Jenna's Indian Chief prints, gorgeous!  Well, aside from dreaming, I've decided to show you my current picks from their shop.  I'm really lovin' this brass triangle stand - perfect for napkins on dining tables.

Tell me, have you shopped at Domino?

-post by jen ramos



  1. What a beautiful book and a fantastic idea. I've been struggling lately about whether to continue my many projects or not. This books seems like exactly what I need right now!

    I'll be ordering a copy later today :)


  2. What a lovely book!

  3. Love the dinosaur jaw bone! It reminds me of Drumheller, and makes me a little homesick.

  4. The little toddler shoes are too cute for woods! Great selections!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  5. These are all beautiful!


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